What Book Did You Read Last Night??? (3 Viewers)

Lili Marlene

Oct 14, 2002
Way beyond the Rubicon
Ministry for the Future - Kim Stanley Robinson

A realistic enough take on how climate change might be stopped over the next 50 years or so, maybe the only optimistic thing i've read on the topic. Even his optimistic, try and keep things the same, take involves mass death and climate refugees by the million, targeted terrorist attacks killing all the rich, and a complete upheaval and overthrow of capitalism as it stands.

The writing is functionally good, has a lead character who is Irish called Mary who occasionally says morto things because of her "Irish sensibility".

He really works hard at the economic stuff and the huge resistance to change there, a lot of talk of people who'd rather short the entire of civilization than change the systems in place, it's quite interesting from that perspective. If they kept the detail in it'd be a better tv show than book i'd say, but worth a read nevertheless. I feel like the "Paris 2015 turned out to be the most important deal ever made" lines were thrown in specifically to gain favour with Obama.
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