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Jul 22, 2008
Hi all.

I have long wanted to share my experience with other likeminded fellows but could not find the right avenue, until I hit upon this link. We all, well most of us, have been clubbing for long and many of the businessmen have wished to have a business club that lets them network with similar, likeminded people from around the world. I think acircle – the club is doing exactly the same thing.

Moreover, if you are a traveller add this to your itnerary. The club also offers unmatched travel possibilities, that too, in royal fashion. However, the membership is limited and are provided selectively.

I have been a member of this club for a year now. As far as I know, it was established in Zurich, in 2006 and since then it has never looked back. One of the main reasons of the rapid growth of the club, especially in Europe is its exceptional, high end services provided in purview of its distinguished members. The club has opened its Lounges in Zurich and Munich, which serve as a secondary office as well as a dwelling ground for the business echelons during the leisure time. The Lounges have exceptional services and includes dinner facilities to fulfill the culinary desires of the business leaders from around the world.

The most striking aspect of the club, however, is its partners. Known as Privileged Partners, the program includes tie up with high end Hotels, restaurants, private clubs and fashion and retail outlets. This lets the members enjoy unmatched benefits such as hotel upgrades, special treatments, discounts and privilege offers at these partner institutions.
The club also has an exclusive internet clubportal which serves as the connecting link among the decision makers. The secure area of the clubportal is only accessible by the members, thus, making it a valuable sharing platform to extract information, share knowledge and find important contacts from every part of the world. Simply talking, I have found the business networking opportunities to be unmatched.

Apart from regular club activities, the club also organises CircleMeetings and a Grand Circle meeting each year. These meets are profitable opportunities to gather valuable business information, from sharing each other’s knowledge as well as listening to the special lectures given by distinguished scholars from the field of business. Additionally, I have seen that the club takes special care in selecting the venues, usually culturally rich, splendid metropolises, so that along with business the members can enjoy the charm of life and travelling as well.

So, if you think your business networking limits are always within the boundaries governed by the electronic media (which is prevalent now), think again. This is a real life opportunity to network with high net worth individuals while enjoying the leisure moments in select locations, with an opportunity to pursue the subjects of art, culture and humanity while not doing business.

I think it’s like doing business when you're not doing it.

Thank you.

N.B- For more information google search "acircle - the club"

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