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I think these are all the bands we put on this year. Highlights? Disappointments? Discuss.

Swine, Weedpriest, Link, Trenches, Fights & Fires (Irish Tour), Absolutist, Vagrants, Them Martyrs, Fires At Night, Bring To Ruins, Section 13, Rvivr, Rest, Rolo Tomassi, Chirps, Section 4, Stick Around, Neifenbach, Tombs, Drainland, Estel,The Secret, Menfolk, S Aint Delirium, Violins Is Not The Answer, LaFaro, Shardborne, Filthpact, Bitwise Operator, Crime Before Bedtime, Such Gold, Ghost Trap, Morning Lights, Christians vs Lions,The Bold And The Beautiful, Lantern For A Gale, Three Hour Ceasefire, Bahfiddle, Rites, Class D, Rebel Spell, Skyboy, Murdock, Ratsblood, We Come In Pieces, Foreverafermath Ilenkus, Abysal Silence, Rasta Knast, Nimh Stil, Left For Dead, Wizards of Firetop Mountain, Found On The Floor, Darkest Era, Young Kodiacs, Sarumba, Fat Actress, Lewis Carroll, (R)evolution Of A Sun, Kanyu Tree, Murray & Falkeneau, Gacys Threads, Sello, Daithi Elaine MaiAnderson Mesa, Seven Even, Fuzz Orchestra, Gummidge, Manatees, Hands Up Who Wants to Die, Starters,
Gift Givers, Le Singe Blanc, Twisted Mass, Nevernoodz, Bacchus, Only Fumes & Corpses.

Decent year overall but lost money on loads of gigs (not big bands) due to shite turnouts and gig overkill or whatever.

Thanks to all the bands that played and anyone that came to any of the gigs!
Unfortunately only made it to about ten gigs in Galway this year, but the personal highlight for me was RVIVR playing. I had some laugh at their antics.


Why do they even go to gigs? It's a man's world.

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