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No one else stepped up

He's alright if he's going against Trump
Anyone else breaks through and he's likely fucked, I'd say
Haven’t seen or heard from Kamala since that time she rang her grandad Biden from the park to give him some good news
Tragic that the Dems have no one else......but if he beats Dump I'll be happy.
I could see Hakeem Jeffries running.

Although his name is Hakeem. The right wing media would have a field day.
Trump using his most sophisticated political tactics to go after Chris Christie

i haven't seen the video, but apparently biden finished a gun control speech by saying 'god save the queen'. that's just a bit of an odd look.

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Maybe someone shouted something about a "fascist regime" and he, being a renowned Sex Pistols fan., naturally responded with "god save the queen",
In which Nikki Haley somehow manages to pick both the best and the worst Def Leppard songs when the criteria says "one song per act".


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