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Aug 29, 2008
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Out Now:
COITUS "Fed to Wolves" CD (After 19 Years we finally get a new full length album from London's Legendary Crust/Metal/Punk Masters) Produced by Bri Doom at the 1 in 12 Club.

Get your copy here:
http://www.ebay.ie/itm/COITUS-Fed-to-Wo ... 2a4fb58a48
Have a listen here:

Still Available
OKUS "st" CD (Debut album from ex members of The Dagda, Bleeding Rectum, scavenger, Sodb blending Crust & Metal for fans of Wolfbrigade and At the Gates)
ATHEOS "The Human Burden" CD (Ireland's Technical Death Metal Masters return with their new album, for fans of Gojira and Suffocation)
PUTREFACTION "Blood Cult" 12" LP (The Debut album from Ireland's Death Crust Warlords for fan's of Skit System, Repulsion, Deathstrike and Hellshock)
FREEBASE "1996-1999 The original demo cassettes" CD (All 3 original demo's on one disc from these Legendary UK Heavy Hardcore Terrorists)
ABADDON INCARNATE "Dark Crusade" CD (Re release of their 3rd album, Pure Death Grind Madness from Dublin, Bonus promo + Demo plus new artwork)
TWISTED MASS "st" MCD (Caustic D-Beat Crust from Dublin featuring ex/members Divisions Ruin/ Abaddon Incarnate/ Dropping Bombs etc)
REVOLUTION OF A SUN "Hell" CD (Crushing H/C Crust & Metal from Ireland, featuring Mick Flynn of Primordial on Guitar)
WOLFBEAST DESTROYER "Far From Grace" 10" (UK Brutal Crust/Punk) (Coloured Vinyl)
PHOBIA/ABADDON INCARNATE "Split 7" (US/Ire Death/Grind Legends) (Coloured Vinyl)
WARPATH "Malevolent Reprisal" CD (Irelands waste laying Motherfuckers of Death Metal return)
AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS "The History of Irish Metal vol 1 87-93" CD (Killer Watt, Predator, Moral Crusade, Asphyxia, Primordial and many more)
GUIDED CRADLE "Guided Cradle/You will not survive" DCD (Both album's and the split ep in one pack from the masters of Raging Crust/Thrash with 12 page booklet)
CONDEMNED "The Art of Dying" CD (Brutal Technical Death Grind from N.Ireland)
RESISTANT CULTURE "All One Struggle" Ltd to 100 copies Gatefold 12" LP Clear vinyl (Tribal Grindcore from California)
ONLY FUMES & CORPSES "Who Really cares, what really lasts" Digi Pack and 12" LP (Irish Hardcore/Crust/Punk)
WOUND UPON WOUND "Grievance" MCD Digi Pack (Irish Down Tempo Black/Doom)
HEXXED "The Synapse Collision" Ltd Custom Digi pack....(Alt Technical Death Metal from N.Ireland)
SUBMISSION/DOMINATION "A Tribute to Skinny" CD Featuring: Paranoid Visions/Coitus/Stagnation/Coldwar
BULLETRIDDEN "Songs written before jumping out of an eight story window" CD (UK Warcrust for fans of Wolfpack & Entombed)
ATHEOS "The Death of Utopia" MCD (Brutal Technical Death Metal for fans of Gojira, Death & Suffocation)
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL "North of Nowhere" CD version (Stenchcore from Germany, for fans of Amebix & Boltthrower) ((((SOLD OUT))))
COITUS "Fucked into Oblivion" Double CD (Legendary London Crust/Punk for fans of Discharge, Motorhead & Celtic Frost) ((((SOLD OUT))))
LIVIDITY/WARPATH "Alive & Split open" Split CD (Brutal Death Metal)
THRASH & BURN "Irish Tribute to Thrash" on Digi pack and (Ltd 250 Pressing 12" vinyl) With covers of Vio-Lence/Nuclear Assault/D.R.I./Slayer/Sepultura/Celtic Frost/Venom etc...
COLDWAR "Bloodfire Sunset" CD (Crushing Death/Sludge)
WARPATH "Gorefare" CD (Brutal Death Metal) SOLD OUT....
THOUGHT OF RUIN "Reclaim the throne" CD (Killer new school Metal like SYL)
MASS EXTINCTION "Creations Undoing" cdep (Old school Bay area style Thrash) SOLD OUT...

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