Video of The Day Trophy Boyfriend - Faded Plastic Spade (Robot Tripping on Beach Mix)

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Nov 8, 1999
pete said:
Faded Plastic Spade taken from the Distant Chimes EP, available for free download NOW on Trophy Boyfriend

Written and recorded by Trophy Boyfriend, produced by Trophy Boyfriend and MiSK.

Animation by Tom Gray, Pete Slattery and Simon Kelleghan


By the waves I saw you,
Amongst the driftwood and smooth glass
you were lying there.

Old shell homes surround you,
All the castles you've built here
long since washed away.

You were hot and faded from the world,
I want to take you and hold you...
Always waiting for a sunny day.

Rescued you from the used combs
And you're saving me from the tide
that's creeping in.

We'll build as one till sunset,
I'll never leave you behind,
Move mountains just you and me.

You were hot and faded from the sun,
I want to take you and hold you...
Always waiting for a sunny day.

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