Thread Pulls album launch party - the Workman's Club Friday Sep 24th (1 Viewer)

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Apr 28, 2008
Thread Pulls

New Thoughts Album Launch Party

The Workman’s Club

Friday September 24th, 8pm

& special guests Logik Party & DJ Monty (Roller/Sparkers)

Tix €12.50 (including booking fee) from, City Discs & Ticketmaster outlets nationwide

“It is Thread Pulls who guide us down orthogonal folds in the belly of the beast with their martial barrage, mechanic yet alive like a neubauten dream set in Nocturnal Arcadia, like This Heat rearranging their Twilight Furniture for some spirit dancing.’ - 20 Jazz Funk greats

“Thread Pulls, unbelievably the only Irish band to have played ATP (at time of writing), echo the beat-within-noise aesthetic of minimalist Neubauten and the eerie rainfall of This Heat. When the rain pours and the wind blows in an English town inhabited by the ghosts of a romantic past, a young man's mind looks to the otherworldly glamour of places with names like Mineheador Bognor. There is nothing like a dead place that once shone like the brightest star.” - Altered Zones

Thread Pulls are nearly a rock band, stripped back to a core of drums and bass. Skewed grooves anchor their hypnotic proto-disco sound - kick-drum centred and sub-bass heavy. Roughly cut vocal layers and eastern trumpet-echoes coupling solar-synth-drones bring to mind early elements of future sounds. Having acquired a considerable reputation in Dublin for their live shows and limited EP releases, the band now release their debut album New Thoughts on Irish independent label Osaka recordings.

With echoes of Sheffield’s most prolific sound processers Cabaret Voltaire and the complex polyrhythms and repetitive dance styles of New York’s ESG, New Thoughts gestated and grew from extensive live shows often in galleries and warehouses in Dublin.

Thread Pulls were the first Irish band to play the ATP festival in the UK at the invitation of Vincent Gallo. They have previous performed with No Age, Fuck Buttons, Chris Corsano, Cathal Coughlan and These Are Powers. They are currently on tour in Europe.

Reviews & samples:

Previous press:

"Fans of music that is neither soft nor safe also may find something to treasure here." - The Irish Times

"The occasional use of trumpet brings to mind Throbbing Gristle's Cornets being covered by Sonic Youth... This leaner, meaner and more muscular line up has left the music at its most powerful." - Brainwashed

"It's our first taste of The Noise of the weekend... Thread Pulls tree- surgeon Sonic Youth and night-time dockyard menace is a harsh contrast to the lush, impending spring outside." - Playlouder

"An exquisitely loud percussion and screaming guitar explosion, the post punk stomp that they began with touches base with bands like Liars, a primal funk hidden under sheet metal." - Brainwashed

"Built from feedback, dissonant chops and reedy vocals that put one in mind of Thurston Moore traversing a tar pit." - The Wire

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