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Aug 4, 2013
That was some bad editing on my part just there. I went to post, changed my mind, and then changed my mind again. So it looks like a gibbering mess.

I wonder what @therealjohnny would make of it.

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
A friend of mine is very vocally the left on pretty much everything but a total free-marketer when it comes to soccer. "Women can be paid more when they bring in the same amount of money as men, it's the fairest system in the world."

I have no real point here aside from LOL-ing at this situation.

interesting you should mention that.
the USA women's soccer team (World Champs from 2019) sued their federation
for not paying them the same as the men's team.
recently they lost the case which was heard in California but the team will appeal.
'Shocked and disappointed': Judge dismisses USWNT's equal pay claim (Guardian)
US Women Soccer Team Loses The Equal Pay Case

the USA women's team who brought in far more revenue than the men's, apparently
were on basic retainer of a $100,000 and the men on $ 250,000.
the USA men's team didn't qualify for the last World Cup and with soccer being a
hugely popular and very successful women's sport in the US, it makes sense
that the women get their market value - i.e. they actually should have get paid
a lot more than the men's team.

the situation is unique in that i don't know anywhere else where women's
soccer is more dominant than men's.

as a child in the 1980's, i think it was tragic that girls then had so little opportunity
to play sports (especially team sports) and i firmly believe that revenue from
the men's game should subsidise women's football.
it needs to be pointed out that women's club soccer in the US is only a small affair
compared to the national team.

and there are folks who have little or no interest in sport who complain about
the lack of equality. if you want to make a difference support women's sport.

for the record i was hopeless at soccer and stopped playing any competitive sport
when i was 13. also i love cycle racing but almost never ride a bike (hernia put me off !)

living in a rural area means i rarely get to watch soccer apart from local stuff and
watching my kid nephews play (who also play hurling).

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