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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Oh dear Ann Post ! i'm going to have to explain a joke now.

John Magnier and JP McManus were big shareholders in Man Utd FC.
Magnier co-owned the horse w/ Fergie.
in 2003 they fell out over Ferguson's share of the horse and Alex made
the biggest mistake of his life taking legal action against Magnier.

to get to the point - then the two rich Irish horse racing, feck-all-tax-paying
pricks turned the screw on Ferguson and sold their shares to the Glazer family.
but the Glazer's didn't have enough money and took out huge loans secured
against the club to complete their takeover.

the club was saddled with huge debts on the Glazer's debt repayments
and they have run the club into the ground. MUFC have had increasingly little
success on the pitch, despite the club having huge revenue and the only people
who have benefited are the owners.
the Glazer's are despised by Man Utd fans.

if Ferguson had not fallen out with two major shareholders over the horse
the Glazer's would not have taken over the club.

why deals like the Glazer takeover are allowed to happen i don't know...

same happened at Liverpool :
Hicks and Gillett were even worse owners and were legally forced to sell the
club when they ran out money.
Man Utd fans going to war tonight with the Glazer's and CEO Ed Woodward.
#SackWoodward no. 1 trending on twitter.

Woodward's latest fuck up on transfer market is still not having finalized the signing
of Bruno Fernandes after being on the verge of completion for weeks.
seems like they are trying to negotiate a few million off fee for a lad who is going to
cost about £60 million.
they've done this before and lost the player(s).

i should be enjoying their misery but good on Gary Neville and the supporters they
have to do this and keep it up.
also a lovely poem about the club hierarchy by MUFC fan -

" Build a bonfire
Put the Glazer's on the top
Put Woodward in the middle
And we'll burn the fucking lot "
Manchester United Fans Appear To Be Throwing Flares At Ed Woodward's House
Ed Woodward: Man Utd executive vice-chairman's home comes under attack

A 'mob' of Man Utd fans showed up at Ed Woodward's house and launched
flares at it tonight.
'shocking' says The Sun, 'unwarranted' says a MUFC press release and
'disturbing news' says Sky Sports News presenter who announced it on air.

i'll leave that nonsense talk to the amateurs. the fucker wasn't even in the
house. it was empty. the greedy bastard isn't that stupid.

Supporters can't get rid of the Glazer's but Woodward, who has been working
for Glazer's since before the 2005 takeover he helped facilitate, is much more
vulnerable and firmly in the fans sights.

i wouldn't inflict the 'shocking, disturbing, unwarranted' Woodward and the
Glazer's on anyone.

if you don't like it resign Ed.
fair play to the simple loyal football fans for showing how to deal with rich
unanswerable pricks.
hope he has to sell the house at a hefty loss.

Man Utd in action at Man City Wednesday (League Cup semi MUFC lost first leg
3-1 at home).

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