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Oct 13, 2002
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Moving to this thread to avoid the Brexit stuff, @ann post any thoughts on what Ireland can do as a country to be either financially independent or at least not be completely fucked over the moment a global recession hits? Obviously we could be in a better position if we had looked at what happened in 2008 and spent the past decade making plans but I'm looking for ideas here, not just blaming Fine Gael.

1) Something, something 100% Green or Green & Nuclear Power (prolly too expensive I suppose)
2) TOURISM, rebrand every fucking street to appeal to the Americans
3) ????
4) Socialist Utopia not pegged to Silicon Valley
I'd have notions about things - Like a bit form 1, a bit from 4 - any kind of oil recession is going to wipe out tourism in nanoseconds. This probably outdated or problematic but essentially if we could just be less dependent in the bottom two tiers here rather than snorting coke off the top one while selling the all the lower ones we'd be a bit more robust.


Lili Marlene

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Oct 14, 2002
Way beyond the Rubicon
3,2,1, and the Ian O'Doherty and Brendan O'Connor's of this world will be declaring climate change to be a good thing and i'll have to deal with my parents telling me about it,

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