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Sep 3, 2004
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Is it not standard procedure for Russia to enter confidently into war, fuck up badly, and then win a long war of attrition? Like, the most predictable outcome is currently what is happening.

In regards the grain stuff, ive read some very conflicting reports, like how the (I'm making up these exact figures, but speaking generally) "80% of worlds exported grain comes from Ukraine" kind of stats are purposely misleading because in most countries about 90% of their grain is not imported but grown at home. It's only a few sub-saharan African countries who are dependent on Ukraine grain and, frankly, if we cared about them at all then the world would look very, very different.
Yeah - it’ll be higher prices all round - but some countries will be fucked.
While the west tends not to care about folks in that part of the world they’ll not want the political instability- particularly in the Middle East

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