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if i remember correctly, section a was a nod to arnold dreyblatt's nodal excitation

There was a regular set-piece that got dropped because people were so unhappy about the flagrant Dreyblatt-ism of it.

i don't really remember. is there a recording of the full set (as opposed to just the 'perfect smoke' section)?

that was the 'black lace' section - best forgotten.

Full recording is still MIA ... sad state of affairs for a compulsive archivist.

The conga-line section was supposed to be a nod to Afrika 70 and to the Sun-Ra Arkestra ... that part really needed more rehearsal :-D

I look forward to the future court cases over ownership of the name for those lucrative reunion tours. @Vinnie's Jimmy Cake vs @Diumraid's The Jimmy Cake vs The Jimmy Cake featuring Paul G.Smyth

I can totally see this happening once the big bucks start rolling in. What about that future incarnation with NO original members ... remember that? LOL
Very first Jimmy Cake gig was Simon, Vince, John, Dee, Lisa, Rory, Me. The last one was Vince, John, Dee, Lisa, Me and Parx, and Parx has been tootling for a decade or more. So we're still pretty Original. We're a ways away from Buffalo Springfield territory.

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