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Aye, the image of my mam riding Wattie is quite know, an ape with a red mohawk and a sun tan is a tad weird.

But yes, i hope the real Wattie turns up. That is when the fun really starts .|..|


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How do you know that was'nt him?And Bob if it was you need to seriously reconsider your devotion to the band.

subbuteo !

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Charlie harper.

[ame=""]YouTube - UK SUBS Stranglehold TOTP[/ame]

[ame=""]YouTube - Emotional Blackmail / Warhead - UK Subs[/ame]


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I don't know you, and you're probably an alright guy in everyday life, but you realise how much of a wanker this post makes you sound?

Just wondering...
I can testify that Naplam has seen couple hundred (not thousands of band riders!!) for Toxic gigs over the last few years, he has run around town looking for some very unusual requests for bands....but it is pretty standard stuff when you are promoting bigger shows, most times it is a wish list, but some bands do take the piss

Lay off Napalm, he the man.....

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