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Aussie blokes RUPTURE used this art for the cover of their 1999 LP Cunt of God
They started off being pals w/ DROP DEAD but had gone well off the rails by this point.
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today it's Quebec forest fires are a conspiracy.

in the comments
Their are a lot of people who just don’t get it. Don’t lower your frequency trying to debate someone who is stuck. This is for the ones who are vibrating at a higher frequency.
It was a guy who'd downloaded the weather satellite map and was scrolling back and forth over a 4-5 hour timeline saying stuff like 'look at this, all the fires began at once!! This could be terrorists'. What the map showed was the regions cloud cover moving away opening it up to sunlight and then fires starting.
This week he's gone off the chain competely. His twitter got shut down for being a massive sewer of crap so he upped his facebook posts to rebalance or whatever. So something like 20 facebook posts a day.

Highlight of the week was a post about the gays being the new nazis* and one the cousins actually took him to task on it leading to him chasing ghosts for 40 posts while the person just held him to one question.

I tend to agree with that approach personally. If someone is losing their mind via the internet you can't get sucked in to topic hopping mid sentence, just see if they can prove the thing they said in the first place.

I find this interesting but also terrible. The things that would be hallmarks of a the nazis would be a cult of personality around one loudmouth, a violent physical attack on people in their own country and the targeting and othering of minorities. This guy is a huge trump fan, like HUGE and is in so deep he thinks other people are the bad guys. he's sorta harmless though in the sense that he's alway online
The cosmic right person I follow for sport is now at the point of 'Putin is the good guy, a christian and a republican'. Like I'm barely paraphrasing that at all.

My theory on this is that it's either admit trump isn't actually the perfect man, or remove the spectre of his ties with putin by going into complete denial about putins actions over the past few decades.

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