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Dec 10, 2001
Website presents Los Angeles' hottest rock act of 2002:

The BellRays (Poptones)

Temple Bar Music Centre
Friday 30th August. Doors 7:30pm
Tickets: €14.50 (incl booking fee)

"Imagine a bus-load of Motown artists being steamrolled by Black Flag, imagine Tina Turner fronting the MC5.

imagine Marsha Hunt fronting The Sonics for a set of The Who covers, imagine Miles Davis being kicked in the balls by James Brown Maximum Rock'n'Soul they call it, and that pretty much says it all." Kerrang!

"Spinning between lascivious soul-funk, muscular psychedlia and fiery garage rock, singer Lisa Kekaula's consistently powerful voice is the linchpin." NME

"One of most talked-about US rock bands of the past year." The Irish Times

"Taking a nod from groups as diverse as diverse as the MC5, Parliament, James Brown, Miles Davis, The Stooges, '60s R&B, and The Who; the BellRays make visceral music, mixing Motown with Black Flag." The Event Guide

Soul is back in a big way! And that is because nobody understands how to rock harder and be more soulful than Riverside / Los Angeles quartet The Bellrays.

Having earned the respect of musicians, critics, and fans alike, with everyone from MC5's Wayne Kramer to several top-notch journalists singing the praises of the band. The Bellrays have established themselves as one of the most unique, creative bands on the market today and storm into Dublin to do a thumping gig on Friday 30th August.

With their growing popularity brought forth by their mixture of Arethra Franklin-esque vocals and armed rock, The Bellrays bring a modern blast of soul-punk, aintaining control of their ideals and music, while giving audiences at every stop a spectacular display of rock that will soon be embedded in their memory for years to come, Their brand of Rock N Soul has caught the attention of true music and rock n roll fans and national acclaim from such notable publications as LA Weekly (who also bestowed them with the Best LA Rock award two years running), LA Times, New Times, CMJ, Austin Chronicle, San Francisco Weekly, Hit List, BAM, Village Voice, Maximum R&R, Flipside, OC Weekly & the list goes on and on.

Fronted by the soul-drenched, intense voice of Lisa Kekaula, the guitar work of Bob Vennum, and the danceable, undeniably rocking rhythm section of Tony Bramel (bass) and Ray Chin (drums), The BellRays put on one hell of a show. They don't just stop there, either, managing to put it all on tape - somehow. On the surface the band may seem like a Detroit rock band with a Motown personality. But with four talented musical minds behind the band, and many influences coming into play with each and every song, the band's tag doesn't begin to scratch the surface of what they're all about.

Lisa sees no limit to the band's ability to captivate audiences and win over anyone. "I think we're the pin ultimate for both commercial radio and the underground. I thoroughly and completely believe that we're just one of those bands that can do just about anything. And I think people, whether they're ready to accept it or not, will be able to find something that appeals to them, without us having to change."

Change is something the band has no intentions of doing, refusing to fit into any mould or stereotype, creating and recording their music at their practice space, on an eight-track, and maintaining every ounce of vitality and credibility they have.

They have toured the country with the likes of Nashville Pussy, shared the stage with Wayne Kramer, Rocket from the Crypt, the Muffs, and Public Enemy (in France) to name a few, gaining respect in every town they play. Uncompromising, savvy and honest, The BellRays do exactly what they want and fuck everybody else. The BellRays remind one of a time long past when music was dangerous and musicians were the people you didn't want your daughter going out with.

'Meet The Bellrays¹ is an overhauled and remastered compilation of their first two albums -ŒGrand Fury¹ and ŒLet It Blast¹- and serves as an introduction to The Bellrays for the UK. Due for release on Poptones on May 6th it coincides with UK tour dates supporting The Hives. This will be preceded by the single ŒFire On The Moon¹ on April 15th and The Bellrays first UK tour dates, with Poptones labelmates Beachbuggy.

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