The animated discussion on the merits (or lack thereof) of Australia thread (1 Viewer)

Back on flaming topic, you drongo's. Rules are rules.

Scott Morrison actually said "rules are rules" in the press today, as I had wrote as a joke yesterday. I don't think he's copying my Thumped posts.
anyone who ever watched those Aussie airport border control TV programmes would be well aware the staff there behave like pricks - it's in the job description.
Djok didn't get worse treatment than anyone else would.
I'd be fairly confident nearly anyone from SE Asia would have fared worse.
Got a grilling in Cairns airport years ago. We flew in from Tokyo on an overnight flight with our then 6 month old baby, and on the flight the BA cabin crew gave out fruit for some reason. Getting off the plane we fired everything into our carry on luggage... including an apple we'd been given. Cue airport sniffer dogs and interrogation and threats of a fine for bringing A POTENTIALLY INVASIVE SPECIES into the state.
I brought an apple from Ireland to Australia and when I arrived and was being quizzed and searched in Melbourne I showed it to them and the were completely uninterested in it, let me keep it.
I arrived in chicago airport and had a banana. I knew I couldn't bring it through customs so I ate it. Then I couldn't find a bin to put the skin in so I put it in my pocket. Next thing I know I'm at the luggage belt and there's this little prick of a sniffer dog sniffing in my pocket. His handler asked me if I had anything in my pocket so I handed her the banana skin. Then she took my customs form and stamped it. When I went through customs they told me I had to go through an extra security check. All because they couldn't provide a fucking bin. Pricks.
and if you dropped it someone would have slipped. then where would you be? Mariokart.

A sniffer dog nabbed us in LAX. We had brought homemade cheese sandwiches and ate them on the plane. Still had the tinfoil in the bag. It was late at night at we got waved through.

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