Thanks for that Spike (1 Viewer)

Nate Champion

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Mar 3, 2006

Some good stuff on here, no doubt, but parts off this look like a Christmas viewing list your Dad might have compiled.

Apparently it's all to bring attention to his controversial use of kickstarter for his forthcoming project. He's dropping his knowledge in place of us handing him some sheckles.

Admittedly he has more artistic merit than Zach Braff (there's no pointing even discussing that. Second feature. Sounds like some piece of patronizing, smug-happy Pay It Forward crap. Yep, you take all the creative control you want, buddy, on that humble turd...), but established heads hi-jacking these kickstarter jobs can only undermine the integrity.

Anyway, back to this list. He's a professor, admittedly teaching on a practical level, but there is some real outdated crap on this list.

Anyway, thanks Spike. That's the Christmas viewing sorted for about ten years.

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