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Not really a joke, more a template.

But a European friend, who has lived here for decades, and her English is extremely good, she just realised that what she wanted to say was "self-deprecating". She is fond of the phrase, and fairplay to her.

But for two decades, she has been saying "self-defecating".
In job interviews, blind dates etc.
One of the neighbours appeared in the living room with some post for the skipper. Skipper being a double leg amputee who had been a bit ill, the neighbours have been helpful. He took some interest in an angle grinder that was sitting, as yet unrepaired, on the kitchen table. Skipper also has wild ideas about how to fix things. He's too smart for the world.

So what you going to do with that angle grinder? asks neighbour.
"It's fine, but I might just wire it up to a foot pedal". Which is daft, but it's the kind of thing he'd do.

Silence. There's a lot to process here. Then:

Neighbour says "Don't you need feet for a foot pedal?"

I didn't know where to look. but skipper took it well.

It's not a joke, but didn't know where else to put it. Plus this thread rulesz.

edit: he was repairing this grinder for someone else.
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