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Dennis Halliday, the Director of UN Humanitarian Program for Iraq who resigned over the effect these sanctions are having is speaking in the North Star hotel tonight at 7:30. It could be very interesting or a complete load of right on nonsense. As far as I know it's an anti war meeting. I'll be going up to have a listen to him and then to run away when the mandatory socialist workers red hand Bolshevik party member gets up to wax lyrical of the need for the working man to unite.

A speech he gave on Capitol Hill
Originally posted by P. Littbarski
are you going master gannon ?

I'm off to an emmigration party tonight... down in Maynooth....

The USA keeps the dreams and gives the nightmares,

Very interesting. Dennis Halliday spoke for ages and really knew what he was talking about. Could have listened to him for hours, but he had to sit down and let other people speak. No real surprises in the content but it's good to hear it from an ex assitant UN secrtary General, make you feel not as crazy or hardline. The people who were speaking after were all right, just reiterating the same points but not as eloquently. Quite a large turn out.

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