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Oct 16, 2010
Hi All,
I'm conducting some preliminary research into music consumption habits and appreciation among different segments of the listening population. As a sort of pilot, I want to look at a population that a) are old enough to remember when all formats were 'physical' and b) are generally involved in music making as more than simply consumers. So I thought of here ....
This link is to a very short survey - the last question invites you to supply an email address if you would be prepared to be interviewed, either in person or by Skype/ phone at a later date. Probably in late July and I'll come to you where possible. Participation in this segment would be greatly appreciated and I might even throw in a prezzie.
The survey should be fairly self-explanatory, but any questions, you can reach me at stanerraught -at -gmail-dot-com or by PM here.
Thank you!

I have to say, the demographics so far kinda bear me out!

Thanks to everyone who has responded - some interesting write- ins. Thanks to those who've volunteered to be interviewed: I could do with a few more, so if you've already responded to the survey, but feel you could stand a few more questions, email me at stanerraught -at-gmail -dot -com and I will be eternally grateful
Bumping this one last time - a couple of more responses and I've hit my - modest - target and then I'll close it. Thanks to everyone who has responded and especially those who've volunteered to be interviewed. I'll be in touch soon to arrange these.

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