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SuperFi Records news

Discussion in 'Eirecore' started by el Jefe, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    Hi there! 2008 is already upon us, and in typical SuperFi tradition, a bunch of things are coming out more or less at the same time, so here's a rundown as to what's coming your way.

    TAINT - Secrets And Lies 2xLP
    First up will be the second album from the UK's premier stoner-hardcore fusion power-trio. The CD version has been out for a few months on Rise Above, and we'll be doing the double vinyl version, hopefully in time for their gigs at the end of January, when they'll be supporting Baroness and Kylesa at various points on their tour. They're also doing some headlining gigs in February. Listen to "Hex Breaker" from the new album on their myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/taintuk

    LINE - They Took Great Proud In Their Work CDEP
    Line's recent EP is getting a re-release since the first attempt came out so shoddily. Blame the pressing plant. We'll be sticking it out again as soon as possible, and it'll look better this time round. Those that bought it the first time will be getting a free copy of the new one when it's out. Check them out here: http://www.myspace.com/linemusic

    THE DEATH OF HER MONEY - Spirit Of The Stairwell CD
    Next up is the truly epic debut CD album from these hypnotic Welsh Krautrocking doomsters. That should be out in time for their February tour with fellow countrymen Johnny Mental, and is a split release with Rat Patrol, Calculon and the band's own Suntreader label. Check them out at myspace, and let them know if you can help them with sorting the gaps in their tour out. http://www.myspace.com/thedeathofhermoney

    SNOWBLOOD - third CD/2xLP
    After that will be Snowblood's long-awaited, untitled third album. This one is a real monster, with four songs spanning over an hour, so it's another double vinyl release for us, with a possible CD version to accompany that. Glyn of Scrawled Design is handling the art, so it'll definitely look the business. Once again Lawgiver Records will be helping put this thing out.

    GEISHA - Verbrechen Der Liebe
    The second album from Bristol's own noise-rockers is awaiting release. Following in their fine tradition of locked-down beats and grooves, swathed in even more swirling noise and effects thanks to the addition of second guitarist Pete. We're working out what format this will come out on, but one idea looks to be an LP with an accompanying digital download for those with mp3 players. SuperFi joins the 21st Century! Crucial Blast should be handling the stateside release of this one.

    END THE AGONY - From The Lungs 7"
    This Brighton-based, ex-Cat On Form guitar and drums duo (they've recently added a bassist to the line-up incidentally) make a seriously cathartic type of hardcore dirge punk. Think Swans, Dystopia and so on. This one will be a split release with Opiate, Tadpole and the band themselves. Can't wait.

    MOSS 7"
    This has been in the works forever. Formerly planned to be a split release with Serpents, who promptly broke up, Disclose were up next, but Kawakami-san's untimely demise put an end to that plan. Now it looks like it'll be Moss on both sides, using shorter tracks of their trademark primordially extreme doom sludge from both of their album sessions! Several other labels are involved on this one too, and we'll keep you posted.

    This bunch from the UK make an excellent racket that mashes up metal, hardcore, grind and everything in between to construct really memorable and exciting songs. Tons of labels are in on this, and it promises to be a good one. The blackcore revolution starts here!

    TRACTOR - Cattle CDR
    This is the band I drum for. Imagine Unsane, Melvins, old Helmet, Swans, Butthole Surfers and all that kind of shit. We recorded at the same place "Dopethrone" was done! Let us know if you want a copy, as it'll be free. It'll also be given away with any orders received. Download some songs from http://www.superfirecords.co.uk/tractor

    After that? We shall see. Probably a nice long lie-down.

    There's a bunch of older SuperFi stuff still available, though some only in limited amounts, so act quick!

    ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS - Life Is Cheap CD (available)
    ARMY OF FLYING ROBOTS - Discography CD (few left)
    ART OF BURNING WATER - The Voyage CD (available)
    BIBLICAL PROOF OF UFO'S - s/t CD (few left)
    DE NOVISSIMIS / TUNGUSKA - split 7" (few left)
    THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE - Turn Illness Into A Weapon LP (available)
    FLATLANDS / SUNSHINE REPUBLIC - split LP (few left)
    GEISHA - Mondo Dell'Orrore CD (available)
    HUNTING LODGE - Energy Czar (available again soon)
    JINN - s/t CD (available)
    THE MOCK HEROIC - Dignified Exits CD (available)
    NARCOSIS - Romance LP (few left)
    NARWHAL - s/t 7" (few left)
    SERMON - Traitor 7" (available)
    SICBAY / VALINA - split 7" (few left)
    SNOWBLOOD - The Human Tragedy CD (few left)
    SNOWBLOOD - Being And Becoming CD (few left)
    SNOWBLOOD - Being And Becoming 2xLP (few left)
    SWARRRM / DIMLAIA - split 10" (available)
    TAINT - The Ruin Of Nova Roma 2xLP (available)
    TRACTOR - 2006 Demo CDR (available on request)
    TRACTOR / GEISHA - split 10" (few left)
    TRENCHER / ESQUILAX - split 10" (few left)

    There's a sale on in our massive hardcore / punk / doom / stoner / grind / noise distro, so pick some stuff up and help fund our new releases. http://www.superfirecords.co.uk/store.html
    Almost everything has been reduced in price, and those who live outside of the UK will find it easier to buy stuff what with the addition of new location-specific PayPal buttons, which look like this:

    Recent distro additions:

    Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Total Fucking Destruction - Split 7"
    Brutal Truth - Machine Parts + 4 7"
    Dead Meadow - Shivering King And Others CD
    Fifty On Red - s/t CD
    Highgate - s/t CD
    Leng Tch'e / Warscars - Split CD
    Paganus - s/t CD
    Total Fucking Destruction - Zen And The Art Of Total Fucking Destruction CD
    Volition - s/t CD

    Thanks for reading!
  2. the strange guy

    the strange guy I LOVE ALLAH YOUSE

    Deadly, been waiting for that new Snowblood record for ages now!
  3. subbuteo !

    subbuteo ! Well-Known Member

  4. xsteox

    xsteox Well-Known Member

    and again..|..|
  5. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    Cheers guys, Glyn's art is coming along and looks amazing.

    Recent distro additions:

    Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Total Fucking Destruction - Split 7"
    Brutal Truth - Machine Parts + 4 7"
    Dead Meadow - Shivering King And Others CD
    Fifty On Red - s/t CD
    Highgate - s/t CD
    Leng Tch'e / Warscars - Split CD
    Lysergene - Critical Mass CD
    Paganus - s/t CD
    Rainydayfuckparade - Meridian CDEP
    Take A Worm For A Walk Week - s/t CDEP
    Take A Worm For A Walk Week / Desalvo - split 7"
    Total Fucking Destruction - Zen And The Art Of Total Fucking Destruction CD
    Volition - s/t CD
  6. spuded

    spuded New Member

    what a title!.|..|
  7. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    New distro stuff for this week:

    The Afternoon Gentlemen - No Messin' About Style CDR
    Arsis - United In Regret CD
    Arsis - A Celebration Of Guilt LP
    Coffins / Anatomia / Grudge - Split CD
    Crowpath - Son Of Sulphur CD
    Crowpath - Red On Chrome LP
    Electro Quarterstaff - Gretzky CD
    In Decades Decline - Duneideann CD
    In Decades Decline - Year Zero LP
    Kill The Client - Escalation Of Hostility CD
    Lycanthropy / Say Why? - Split LP
    Man Is The Bastard - D.I.Y.C.D. CD
    Old Basford - Red Mist CD
    Old Basford / Grain - Split 7"
    Sulaco - Tearing Through The Roots CD
    Torche - s/t LP
    Torche - In Return 10"
    Watchmaker - Erased From The Memory Of Man CD
    Watchmaker - Kill Fucking Everyone CD

  8. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    new distro stuff:

    Army Of Flying Robots - Life Is Cheap LP
    Brain Dead / Rot In Hell - Split 7"
    Burmese / Cadaver Eyes - Split CD
    Crowpath / Swarrrm - Split 7"
    Grave In The Sky - Cutlery Hits China CD
    Roadside Monument / Frodus - Split CDEP
  9. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    New in:

    Iron Lung - Cancer / Life Of Pain 7"
    Iron Lung / Agents Of Abhorrence - split 7"
    Walls - s/t 7"
  10. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member



    *** TAINT - "SECRETS AND LIES" 2xLP OUT NOW!!! ***

    Taint's second album "Secrets And Lies" has finally made it onto vinyl! The follow-up to "The Ruin Of Nova Roma" is a continuation of their unique, organic fusion of post-hardcore and stoner-rock. Like last time, the CD is available on Rise Above, and it's another gatefold, double vinyl affair with amazing artwork by frontman Jimbob.

    Listen to the opening track "Hex Breaker" here: http://taint.co.uk/1-Taint_Hex-Breaker.mp3

    Head on over to our online store to buy it: www.superfirecords.co.uk/store.html
    Email or us if you'd rather send an order through the mail: superfirecords@gmail.com
    You'll also find a package deal if you want to buy both the "Secrets" and "Roma" 2xLPs at the same time from us.

    Postage costs and exchange rates suck at the moment, and it looks like that situation is going to get worse before it gets better. If you live outside of the UK, you'll be able to pick up copies of the record at a more reasonable price from one of these distributors soon:

    Agipunk - www.agipunk.com
    Bones Brigade - www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
    Conspiracy - www.conspiracyrecords.com
    E-Vinyl - www.e-vinyl.com
    Throne - www.thronerecords.net

    Robotic Empire - www.roboticempire.com
    StonerRock - www.stonerrock.com

    This is just for starters, with many more hopefully coming soon!

    You can also buy CDs, records and shirts directly from the band: www.taint.co.uk
    Rise Above have copies of both albums on vinyl too: www.riseaboverecords.com

    Taint and former SuperFi stars Art Of Burning Water (who are ALSO on Rise Above now!) are playing the following gigs too:

    Feb. 13th - Newport, TJ's
    Feb. 14th - Brighton, Engine Rooms
    Feb. 15th - Sheffield, Casbah
    Feb. 16th - High Wycombe, The Roundabout
    Feb. 17th - London, Purple Turtle

    Taint are playing the Roadburn Festival (which is now sold out) in the Netherlands, as well as hitting Europe again around the same sort of time.

    *** OTHER NEWS!!! ***

    Welsh Krautrocky doomsters TDOHM's new CD will be out really soon, hopefully in time for their tour at the end of February with Johnny Mental. Have a listen and look at the dates here: www.myspace.com/thedeathofhermoney

    The new TRACTOR "Cattle" CDR is out now also! Imagine dirty noise-rock like Unsane, Melvins and Swans. Let us know if you want one as it's free. Tractor also play some rare live shows in Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh soon. More info and mp3s here: www.superfirecords.co.uk/tractor

    Cheers for reading!
  11. moose

    moose Born to raise hell. Staff Member Supporter

    Anyone distroing the taint album over here?
  12. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    Hmm, not at the moment, but I'll ask around the usual suspects that I trade with.

    new distro stuff for this week:

    Alehammer - Mine's A Pint Of Crust 10" pic disc
    Forca Macabra - Aqui E O Inferno LP
    Giuda - s/t LP
    La Piovra - s/t LP pic disc
    Ohuzaru - s/t LP
    Thou - Tyrant LP
    Titan - The Chrysanthemum Pledge LP
    Titan / June Paik - Split LP
    Tractor - Cattle CDR
    Wolfbrigade - Prey To The World LP
    Zeni Geva - Maximum Money Monster CD

  13. Rimbaud

    Rimbaud ...i'm nearly done here.. Supporter

    I might have a few Protestant lps/cds ready in a few weeks for trade Kunal - could work something out then for Taint!?
  14. xsteox

    xsteox Well-Known Member

  15. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    New / restocked distro stuff:

    Agoraphobic Nosebleed / Total Fucking Destruction - Split 7" (Bones Brigade)
    Insane pair-up of acid-fried, experimental grind, one drum-machine and Pig Destroyer guitarist powered, one with the Brutal Truth drummer!

    Artimus Pyle - Tonight Is The End Of Your Way 7" (Too Circle)
    The brutal Seattle thrash legends return on this 7"!

    Brutal Truth - Machine Parts + 4 7" (Bones Brigade)
    The legendary New York stoner grinders re-release this classic EP together with some live outbursts!

    Church Of Misery - The Second Coming CD (Salvation)
    The legendary Japanese masters of extreme serial-killer obsessed doom return!

    Church Of Misery - Live In Red - Eurotour 2005 DVD (Salvation)
    The legendary Japanese masters of extreme serial-killer obsessed doom document their European tour from 2005!

    Creature - s/t CDR (Basses Frequences)
    Packaged in a metal tin, this is 30 minutes of warm guitar drone!

    Enemy Soil - Smashes The State 2xCD (Bones Brigade)
    Huge compendium from this powerful grind band! Features all their tracks bar the ones from the Capitalist Casualties split!

    Frogskin / Taunt - Split 7" (Streaks)
    A song each from these class doom bands from France and Finland!

    Spy Master - A Lost Bird 7" (Too Circle)
    This Japanese band sound like Jerry's Kids, The FU's and The Freeze!

    Various - Fast Comp Tape (Sassbologna)
    33 tracks from 33 bands! American Ghost Band, Brains For Breakfast, Cakewet, Common Enemy, Crackcident, Dick Punch, Duke Nukem Forever, Filthpact, FrankXSinatra, Gorgonized Dorks, Gorilla Pussy, Happy News Please, Hated Principals, Krupskaya, Margaret Thrasher, The Naturals, No More Fun, The Outpatients, PCB, Run Like Hell, Schlapendehonden, Sheeva Yoga, Skate Edge, Take It Back, The Tony Clifton Backup Singers, Toxic Revolution, Trendy Bastard, Under Al Kritik, Vonbash, White Male Dumbinance, Worker & Parasite, xAOAx and Yattai! Phew!
  16. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    Just got some of these in the post:

    Goslings - Occasion CD (Not Not Fun)
    Eight thundering masterpieces of molten slime riff majesty, nightstalker drums, and soaring-into-the-sun female vox that crush the earth in a Skullflower meets Slowdive style! Comes in a nice foldout screenprinted card sleeve!
  17. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    Just got some copies of the newest SuperFi release!

    THE DEATH OF HER MONEY - "Spirit Of The Stairwell" CD


    The Death Of Her Money may not have a great name, but they do have a great sound. The trio from South Wales blend an appreciation for modern, heavy music together with an experimental edge to create a swirling, hypnotic maelstrom of repetitive, naturally grooving stoner-rock, kind of like Neurosis meets My Bloody Valentine meets Sonic Youth meets Can. The simplistic, rock-solid rhythmic base provides a launchpad for Kaskie's inventive, dense, discordant fretwork. "Spirit Of The Stairwell" is their debut CD album, with six tracks in 50 minutes, and follows on from self-released demos and a 7".

    Listen to "Scandinavian Accent" here: www.superfirecords.co.uk/mp3/TDOHM_-_Scandinavian_Accent.mp3
    Listen on myspace here: www.myspace.com/thedeathofhermoney

    This CD is a split release with the band's own Suntreader label and Rat Patrol Records (www.ratpatrolrecs.com).

  18. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    New distro stuff, complete with uninspired descriptions:

    B'Son / Crowskin - split LP (Vendetta)
    Utterly destructive doom drone from these German bands!

    Catena Collapse / La Quiete - split 7" (Adagio 830)
    Classic emo / screamo split with bands hailing from Norway and Italy!

    Glockenspiel - Enspiel CD (Krayon)
    Excellent instrumental rocking in a post vein from these ex-Quickspace dudes! Improv-y, jazzy, melodic, superb!

    Graf Orlock - Destination Time Tomorrow 10" (Vendetta)
    Blazing "cinema grind", a.k.a. melodic and fast tech-metal with tons of samples and ludicrous packaging!

    Gruel - Demo CDR (n/a)
    Leeds supergroup of nice doomy noise, like a trancy Hawkwind meets Swans!

    Minion - Out Of The Carnage LP (Vendetta)
    An offshoot band from the seemingly dormant Morser, this is in a similar vein, though even more metal if that's even possible!

    Mount Logan - s/t LP (Vendetta)
    Utterly destructive doom drone from this German trio!

    Perth Express - Harrow And Wealdstone LP (Vendetta)
    New release from the Germanic raging hardcore metallers, like His Hero Is Gone meets Mastodon!

    Thin The Herd - Mournful And Overcast LP (A Wrench In The Gears)
    Excellent raging d-beat crust hardcore with male and female vocals and loads of groove in a gatefold sleeve!

    Year Of No Light - Nord 2xLP (E-Vinyl)
    From the French metal underground comes the colossal dirgecore of YONL!
  19. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member

    Even newer distro stuff!

    Against Empire / Iskra - split LP (Mangled Ankle)
    Two West Coast USA bands playing powerful crustcore thrash with plenty of anticapitalist bite, together with a massive booklet!

    Amen Ra - Mass III 2xLP (Sound Devastation)
    The stunning debut from these euro sludge masters! Great gatefold packaging for this double vinyl release!

    Bongzilla - Nuggets CD (Barbarian)
    The insanely dope obsessed band collect all their singles, splits and compilation tracks!

    Die Kreuzen - Cows And Beer 7" (Barbarian)
    The classic hardcore band that went on to do stuff on Touch And Go!

    Leval Blessing - s/t CD (Barbarian)
    This tech grinding death machine lay down 10 tracks of angst ridden brutality. Comparable to Dying Fetus, Martyr AD or The Dillinger Escape Plan!

    Liturgy - Dawn Of Ash LP (Barbarian)
    Ex-Disgorge and Broadequin metal that is massively fast, brutal and thundering!

    Massgrave / Think Don't Pray - split 7" (Mangled Ankle)
    Couple of Canadian bands here chucking out some quality crusty grind for you!

    Niden Div 187 - Imperium CD (Barbarian)
    Reissue of blasting black metal from Sweden. Features members of Dawn. Originally released on Necropolis and out of print for a few years. This CD has the 'Imperium' LP and their 'Towards judgement' MCD!

    The Pirate Ship Quintet - s/t CD (Sound Devastation)
    A neat UK band doing some sweet post-rock! This 7-piece (?) is string led and dabbles in Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky styled sounds.

    Protestant / Get Rad - split 7" (Barbarian)
    Two DIY hardcore Milwaukee bands here! GR = full throttle punk by ex-High On Crime / Since By Man / Seven Days Of Samsara / Kung Fu Rick dude! P = ex-no one really, but still awesome crustified hardcore!

    Skitsystem - Allt E Skit CD (Barbarian)
    The legendary Swedish d-beat band compile their older material!

    Sons Of Alpha Centauri - s/t CD (Sound Devastation)
    A UK band that jam in a whole load of songs onto their debut instrumental stoner rock album!

    Underthreat - Deathmosphere CD (Barbarian)
    Newest full length of melodic Swedish inspired death metal by this veteran Colombian band living in Milwaukee. In the tradition of At The Gates, this has it all, great melodies, blasts, harsh vocals, solos, but without any mosh or slam!

    Warfair? - Earmageddon LP (Mangled Ankle)
    An Arizona band that take cues from Excruciating Terror, Warsore, and early Napalm Death!

    Zonderhoof - s/t CDEP (Sound Devastation)
    Excellent instru-metal action from Wales! This is what you wished Capricorns sounded like!

  20. el Jefe

    el Jefe Member


    Gehenna - The War Of The Sons Of Light And The Suns Of Darkness LP (A389)
    Available for the first time on vinyl, this LP compiles all of Gehenna’s early demos, 7″ material and also includes two bonus tracks that were hidden in the original CD version released over a decade ago. Fans of Integrity, Catharsis and Enetewak take note!

    Goddam Ox / Haddonfield Illinois - Split LP (Deadwood)
    West Midlands represent! GO start out subtley before building to Corrupted-esque crushing doom and noise! HI are ex-Esquilax noisery! Think Goblin, Gristle and the like.

    Pulling Teeth - Martyr Immortal LP (A389)
    Picking up where the Vicious Skin 10" left off, PT are back with a new 12 song LP. Keeping the Integrity meets Left For Dead vibe alive, but with more Slayer and Entombed influences thrown in the mix.

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