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Now Is Go
Sep 9, 2006
99% of that shit isnt funny anymore...I read it on Thumped and its true.

I'm glad its dead cos they said it was the new rock n roll or some shit but rock n roll should be the new rock n roll...and not Des Bishop or some other toolbag talking about immersions

I even went to see Russell Brand back in the day and he was fucking shite. He stood up there reading the newspaper

I was thinking of a similar thread - 'Why is a dog always in the push-up position? - the thread for acceptable stand-up comedy.'

But, I suppose what you find funny is all relative, man.

The snob who loves Blackadder but refuses to concede how Mr. Bean might be funny comes to mind. Comedy is not always a matter of braincells.
Back in the late 90s/early 00s I went to see Will Oldham in Vicar St, and he was amazing. Next person I went to see in Vicar St after that was Tommy Tiernan, and I was joking with Mrs. egg_ beforehand saying "imagine if this was as mindblowing as Will Oldham was" ... and then, weirdly, it was

I think standup, at its best, as damn near as good as music. The very best comedians, at their best, are kind of like philosophers looking into your heart and telling you what's there
I'd say the comedians miss the dvd sales at Christmas now.
A nice little earner, before streaming took over.
I forgot about Stewart Lee and Bill Burr. They're alright
I saw Norman Lovett from Red Dwarf in Edinburgh years ago... he has this incredible joke about Nicolas Cage's pizza chef... tried to find it on yt there, but alas, no luck.

The guy had one of the most natural presences - unpredictable, deadpan style as if anything could have came out of his mouth and he would have made the gag work. I was like, "right, that's what an actual stand-up is supposed to be like" after watching sneery chancers like Ed Byrne on panel show crud for years.

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