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I seen the ad for this, Wasn't there was something similar on a few years ago about the rockabilly scene?. I never really bought into one particular scene or complete "look". I like some rockabilly/ psychobilly music but don't like the look. Same with punk (first time posting in eircore.... Not much of a punk) Skinhead, hate the look, I like some ska and reggae, I think that's what's skins listen to. The closest one for me is the 60s. I do love 60s music & the look but wouldn't go all out on the clothes. I have some retro shirts & the haircut is 60s-esque....but I could never be a mod. I hate wearing, suits & shoes. And I hate the fringe cut that high. I admire people's dedication to a particular look, lifestyle etc.... but I don't know if I believe in any one thing that strongly.


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I had a look around rebirth of cool a while ago. I never knew being a skinhead was so expensive.


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I love the way real skinheads are aghast at the portrayal of skins in Romper Stomper. Nothing about their politics. Just horrified at their unshaven , dirty unkempt appearance.


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Well that was much better than the "Riff and Quiffs" documentary from a few years back. I don't understand the inclusion of the metal band though. It didn't tie in with the rest of the programme at all.

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