Shoe-Gaze fingerstyle guitarist seeks SINGER/COLLABORATOR (1 Viewer)


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Aug 22, 2008

I'm a Dublin/Celbridge based guitarist in my late 20s. I've played/busked & gigged extensively in Dublin and abroad.

I'm looking for a SINGER/COLLABORATOR to work on CREATIVE-arty-ORIGINAL music.
Aspiring to demo-record/perform live and also perform occasionally with percussionist and bassist in a band format.

Voice: soft, dreamy, able to harmonise, able to associate and connect creatively, blend in with music (female singer most suited I'd imagine but open to try with someone who can take the songs to the next level).

Influences: Beach House/ Cocteau Twins/ Elastic Sleep/ My Bloody Valentine/ Sweet Jane (Lydia era)/ Mazzy Star/ Julee Cruise/ The Glove/ Dave Geraghty/ The Sundays/ CREATION label era bands.

(my music) Sounds like : Acoustic fingerstyle guitar + Ambient noise (reverbs & delays)

similar to John Butler Trio/Dave Geraghty (Bell X1) mixed with Dream pop/Shoe Gaze/Elastic Sleep kind of vibe.

Here are youtube links to some compositions I've made:

Please contact me/pm me for youtube links to compositions I've made.

If seriously interested --Please get in touch with any demos/youtube links you may have also.

Thanks for reading the ad

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