Sat Oct 11th - Elbastardo, De Novisimus, Realistic Train, Chirps @ lower deck (1 Viewer)


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Oct 2, 2008
[FONT=&quot]El Bastardo - Biography

[/FONT] Due to the effects of prolonged alcohol abuse the following symptoms may begin to emerge; mood swings, anxiety, depression, loss of weight, creation of bad punk rock bands.

El bastardo were thusly formed in 2002 by three local lushes who, having bored each other senseless with tales of possible musical synergy due to each member owning a Fudge Tunnel record, decided to put theorey to the test.

Five years later and a glittering band output comprising of approximately near zero releases and a few gigs in the local pub, El Bastardo continue to over achieve given that many in the band are functional alcoholics and borderline schizophrenics.

Some guy : "Confirms my theory that all people from Cork are actually insane."


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Oct 2, 2008
De Novisimus – Dublin

Extreme Sludge Doom / Crust

Realistic Train

ROCK band formed from members of Mongolia (Dunchee: drums (?), Tob Swift: bass) and Terrordactyl (Owensie Owens: guitar and vocals) while both of these bands are on hiatus, with the aim of writing some psychedelic/ stoner/ garage rock anthems to get you through the dark Irish summer.

Six Foot Apprentice

Breakcore, Punk, Jungle, Pop Mash up

Have a listen at these demented mash up:


Chirps are a three piece rock type outfit from Ballina. They've been together about five months and recorded a four song demo with Conor in Bigballs studio before playing two supports in Hogans. They keep the loud bits very loud and the quiet bits fairly quiet. They like to keep the vocals low in the mix and change to different bits of songs a fair bit, with melodic as well as heavy bits trading off and even teaming up. They all live in Dublin because of the opportunities and send money home to their mammies as often as they can. In return for this they receive hugs. Chirps are mad for gigs, they plan to record an album sometime soon and once played a Mission of Burma cover.

Bastard Eoin

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Aug 15, 2002
Casa del Doom
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moose is taking the gloves off.
is strong and natural
Location: Marin o)))
<- shit joke


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Jul 8, 2005
jaysus. things got a bit messy last night. thanks to whoever put me to bed.
I was still fairly bulbed getting the bus this morning. some woman sat down beside me and lasted about 2 minutes before she had to move with the bang 'a booze off me. i had a quick snooze and woke up with a mad case of the post-alcohol sweats.

thanks to all who put me up and put up with me for the weekend!

Realistic Train = deadly!

but not as deadly as Manzig. irelands number one gay Danzig tribute band.

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