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The past few years have had dramatically less releases I'm interested in. Only two of any great interest to me,and then a few maybes.
I'm upset that the amount I want this year has increased dramatically from zero to about four or five.
I'd like elastica - BBC sessions & maybe one of the Various Artists psychedelic compilations, probably the nuggets LA one, depending on the price. I've only gone in once on the day. I didn't particularly enjoy it. I usually have a look around the day after. I only wanted one record last year, Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates mono & there was loads left. If whatever I want isn't there the day after......fuck it.
I printed out a PDF list in work and it has elastica BBC sessions on it..... But I can't see it on the link.
I have the radio one sessions on CD. It's probably taken from that. Stick it on vinyl, and charge triple the price.
Yeah,very likely. I really only like the first lp and related singles,and I have them all. Don't need different versions of Elastica tunes.
and I have that nuggets where the action is boxset on CD.
That's RSD cancelled for me.
There's two fuppin Prince releases, and unlike last year they're actually worth my time (last years item was a rerelease of a stupid obscure version of the 1999 album with less tracks on it).

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