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nhuman punk

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well think what you want on that but here's a text about the hyping of french punk and oi! and why we can't accept patriotism in our scene. I'm not saying you should boycott rixe and lion's law but be conscious that you may not agree with their patriotic lyrics in both bands... I wrote that originally for MRR

A statement about Oi! Revival and the glorification of Oi! Music in punk circles
Well, some of you may think its pompous to say it’s a “statement”, but I don’t fuckin’ care, I think that sometimes punx have some problems to take a stand. I don’t want to sound like I’m pretending to be above the crowd or anything that I don’t want to be the finger pointing kind of person, but this is drive me mad. To begin with, my name is Noma. I’m involved in various bands in Brittany, in western France, including Litovsk. We cover Camera Silens and Blitz, so we’re not total strangers to the Oi! Revival and we have some kind of responsibility in that phenomena. Mind you, this is my opinion and not the whole band’s opinion; I only speak for myself here.
I hate when a type of music is hyped but yeah, sometimes it creates good stuff and some great bands are created so why not…But for fuck’s sake, how can some bloody Rock Against Communism, some fascist or racist bands, be accepted and listened to by political punx? Why is it somehow acceptable to have patriotic bands playing in anarchist places or being interviewed in zines, who seemed to be politically not inclined to patriotisim? Why? Why? Why?
Now I’ll explain myself. In the two last years, I saw bands saying in Maximum Rocknroll (for example) or other media that they were influenced by COMBAT 84 or saying, “Yeah man, we love French Oi!, BRUTAL COMBAT, SNIX, blah blah blah blah fucking blah, ” and it was totally legit to say that here (well, I ask myself the question!). Well, OK” People may not understand lyrics when it comes to French Oi! But sometimes to publish chronicles in a zine, it demands some research. When I saw a columnist in MRR saying something like, “Yeah, SKINKORPS were nationalist at some point, but dude, their album is a classic!” I wanted to fucking puke. When SYNDROME 81 played in Sweden a young guy asked them, “Why don’t you guys play some BRUTAL COMBAT?” Coz it’s a fucking nazi band!” “Yes, I know, but they rock and they come from the same city!” What the fuck is happening? I saw also a chronicle of the YESTERDAY’S HEROES LP who are known in Colombia for being outright fuckin’ nationalist bastards and who are known for vicious attacks on anarcho-punx and anti-fascist people there… I mean it’s fucking wrong to hype these bands…It’s fucking senseless. I mean, one of my friends was killed by a neo-nazi skinhead so seeing nazi or nationalist skinhead music going legit with MRR or punks worldwide is making me fucking sick! At least people will understand that?
Second point, since when is it trendy to like patriotism in political punk circles? I mean I like COCK SPARRER but fuck, I won’t make them play at a gig in an anarchist place…I say that coz I don’t understand why it’s fucking cool to like RIXE and LION’S LAW (who share one member). I really don’t care about them playing in venues like bars or other gig rooms, but in anarchist places? Like K-Town fest or Gaztexes in Basque Country? I don’t see the point…In a way I understand RIXE when they say in “Hexagone” that the situation is all fucked up and we’re all in a mess, but at the end if their “heart still beats in France”, we’re not on the same side sorry… And don’t try and say I’m accusing them or being fascists or Nazis coz they are NOT, but you can be anti-racist and still be a patriot. I’ll never be on the same side of French patriots coz I’ll never be proud of this country which did so much shit in Africa and in every place we colonized. Even in the place I’m from, Brittany, the French government tried (and nearly succeeded!) in erasing the Bretton language by force, therefore I’m not on the French patriotic side…And when their drummer does DIGITAL OCTOPUS, remixing some SKREWDRIVER, everyone seems to find it fucking funny. OK, I may not understand that humor or I may lack humor but there’s no fucking way I’m gonna dance to that tune with hundreds of punx at punk festivals or gigs.
Last point for American politically dodgy skinheads who like CAMERA SILENS: they were a band with convictions and political lyrics. “Espoir Déçus” is a song about Spanish republican and anarchist refugees in france and their singer just came out of the dark, after twenty-eight years on the run from police, after having committed a band robbery with some Basque anarchists in the ‘80s.

And for all non-French speaking punks and skins who like old French punk and Oi!, do some research before hyping a band or buying their shirts… I may sounded like a PC punk on that, but I don’t really care, I just wanted to state some things and for the punks and skins who red this text to be aware of certain things…
Remember no one is perfect, we all fucked up and did some shit at some point. I never said I was perfect, never said I didn’t listen some shit bands, but there some things that need to be said.
Freedom, peace, unity."


nhuman punk

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And let's be clear once again RIXE and LION'S LAW are NOT racist or fascists they are Sharp skins, but it's just to say that some of us think that is weird to see them playing in diy punk gigs that's all, it's not about starting an internet war with them but just to make things clear!

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