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May 19, 2002
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So anyway

for Christmas, my mother wanted to get my brother a Bluetooth item, she said to order it online as she had looked and couldn't find it in the place she looked.

I had ordered it from an Amazon marketplace seller.

When it came to opening it on Christmas day, and trying to pair to any Bluetooth device, it wouldn't pair. I e-mailed the company and they asked "did you read the instructions" and "did you try in a proper way". I hadn't got a reply to my response " how do you mean a proper way?" so a couple of days l requested to return the item.

To which they said "we'll send a replacement" and here is a prepaid royal mail label, I replied 5 minutes later saying I don't want a replacement, I want a refund.

I send it back having to pay postage myself to return and they processed a £5 refund on Sunday as "a full refund". I responded that it was £15. They responded 3 hours later and apologised for the technological problem and refunded the balance an hour after that saying they had made it all the same time but technical problem meant part was delayed.. Now to the bit I am asking about

Too long/ couldn't be bother clicking spoiler and reading the diatribe, good call, those who have are probably a tad envious.

Today I received in the post a replacement despite telling them I didn't want a replacement

What is the deal with returns to Amazon marketplace people?

I assume the return policy on prepaid labels must be the country of person sending it as an post wouldn't accept a royal mail prepaid label

Anyone with any experience in this area?

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