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Ah now I don't think yer man Enrico is a nazi! Los Fastidios are a well known anti-fascist band. They also are big on animal rights and gay rights etc so if he was ever part of "one of the biggest neo-nazi organizations in Italy" I'd say he's left all that stuff behind him.
Ah he was a nazi and it is a well established thing, everyone that knows and lives the Italian scene knows it. That is why very few people take him seriously and generally think he is a joke. But the doubts someone has is that the VFS (Veneto Fronte Skinhead, the neo-nazi organizations) has not done anything to 'punish' him, those guys do not tollerate traitors and treason to the VFS and the neo-nazi cause can be bunished harshly (death is an option and i am not taking the piss) hence few people in Italy think that he might still be doing some dodgy dealings.


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I don't expect many from this forum to be heading to Blackpool for this but if there are any Punk Rockers out there looking for tickets PM me...


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How dare you all say there's loads of shite bands playing at Rebellion! Call yourself punks??? I bet you don't even own any tartan trousers!

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