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Aug 22, 2001
Frozen in time since 12:34am on January 1 1982
Hüsker Dü
Land Speed Record - 1
Everything Falls Apart - 2
Metal Circus - 5
Zen Arcade- 9
New Day Rising - 9
Flip Your Wig - 7
Candy Apple Grey - 6
Warehouse: Songs and Stories - 5

The Replacements
Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash - 9
Stink - 7
Hootenanny - 8
Let It Be - 10
Tim - 9
Pleased To Meet Me - 9
Don't Tell A Soul - 6
All Shook Down - 7​


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Sep 8, 2003
A white house with a folly
I think reviews should be included too, for people who don't know the albums

Roy Harper

Sophisticated Beggar (1966) - 6.5/10
Off to a good start with this one, a few classic tunes e.g Sophisticated Beggar, Blackpool, Forever, My Friend. He was kinda following in the Bert Jansch / John Renbourne tradition at this time, most of the songs are solo with quite tasty finger picking. Committed - about his time in a mental hospital - makes for a fairly deranged ending.

Come Out Fighting, Ghengis Smith (1967) - 5/10
This one has pop arrangements typical of the times, reminds me a bit of cilla black but it sounds a bit odder here on top his songs. Its a fairly mediocre collection but has a few nice tunes and makes for an interesting oddity in his catalogue.

Fokejokeopus (1969) - 3.5/10
One of the low points of his career, if I recall correctly he wanted an unpolished, rough and ready sound. She's The One is a decent song but it gets fairly shoddy treatment here. McGoohan's Blues - 18 minute epic inspired by The Prisoner - is considered a classic, for me it's partly brilliant but mostly only ok.

Flat, Baroque & Berserk (1969) - 7.5/10
The first in a fantastic run of albums. Mostly solo acoustic songs but very nicely recorded. The Dylan influence is a bit too strong in the vocals and he's probably a bit too stoned. Several of his all time classics - I Hate The White Man, Tom Tiddler's Ground, Another Day, How Does It Feel?, the rest of the songs are all decent to excellent.

Stormcock (1971) - 8.5/10
Probably the most well known one. Four long, acoustic songs - immaculately arranged and performed. The Same Old Rock and Me & My Woman are unbelievably good songs.

Lifemask (1973) - 8/10
This is one of his more difficult albums. Apparently he thought he was dying when he made it. 5 short songs on side one including two classics (Highway Blues and South Africa). Side two has just got The Lords Prayer a fantastic, meandering, tuneless epic that has fantastic drumming - barely audible - for a couple of brief moments in the middle.

Valentine (1974) - 7/10
A collection of short songs. Mostly very nice, several classics. Personally I'm not mad about the string arrangements and I prefer the versions of Commune and 12 Hours Of Sunset that appeared on Flashes From The Archives of Oblivion (a live album from 1974).

HQ (1975) - 9/10
His most Rock album. Starts off with a killer riff and clobbers its way through side one with the kind of insouciance that few other anti-religion ranters can manage and then mellows right out in the second half. I've docked one point because Referendum is a little bit lumpen. Hallucinating Light is the best song ever and When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease is lovely.

Bullinamingvase (1977) - 8.5/10
Another rock album but a bit softer and more mellow this time. This is probably the most streamlined, commercial sounding album he made. Side one is perfect - 5 short songs, all deadly. Side two is another side-long epic which is mostly deadly too. I can't pin point exactly why I'm docking 1 and a half marks.

The Unknown Soldier (1980) - 4.5/10
Things start to go pear shaped. A few great songs (The Flycatcher, Short & Sweet) but hideous production and a good few mediocre songs.

Work of Heart (1982) - 4/10
Uh oh, the production gets even worse. The songs themselves are pretty decent though, a few classics buried here. Drawn To The Flames, Jack of Hearts, Woman are all deadly songs. Work of Heart is another side-long piece that could be pretty good if given the right treatment.

Born In Captivity (1984) - 7/10
This is an album of demos for the songs that ended up on Work of Heart. They're much better here, stripped down and unpolished. They still haven't got the kind of treatment they deserve but this is a solid album all the same.

Whatever Happened to Jugula? (1985) - 8.5/10
Back in top form here. This is co-credited to Jimmy Page but it's not that much of a guitar album as that might suggest. The songs are pretty varied but they're all good. There are moments of 80s pomp in the production but done in a bedroom demo kinda way which gives it a nice vibe. He had developed a kinda bitter, world weary snarl in his voice by this time but it's not all doom and gloom. One of his classic albums.

Descendants of Smith (1988) - 6/10
I used to dislike this album a lot but I have warmed to it recently. It has a very polished, brittle, 80s sound but it's a little flat sounding at the same time. Lots of synths and acoustic guitars but the arrangements are quite sparse. A few decent tunes too.

Burn The World (1990) - 4.5/10
One long song - a studio demo version on one side and a solo live version on the other. A strange sort of a thing, not bad but too peculiar to love.

Once (1990) - 6.75/10
Mostly acoustic, stripped back. Sounds nice and warm, some great tunes (Sleeping at the Wheel, Nowhere To Run To, Ghost Dance) but a few fairly shite ones too.

Death or Glory? (1992) - 8.5/10
His last classic album (so far). This one is very bleak. The very first edition of it had a few very harrowing short poems in between the songs but he took them off later versions. It all sounds a bit like a demo, and that kinda works in its favour. The songs are stark and thrown out as they are. A few of them are shite too (methane zone, cardboard city) so I had to dock a few marks for those.

The Dream Society (1998) - 3.5/10
This has it's moments (title track is great) but mostly it's just slick, overcooked and not that good.

The Green Man (2000) - 6.5/10
Some really good songs here, a few classics (title track, Wishing Well, The Monster) but the other songs make the overall effect a bit middling.

Man and Myth (2013) - ??/10
Out in september, hopefully it will be deadly

Mormon Nailer

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Dec 6, 2005
The world Wont Listen - not strictly speaking an "album" but represnet what I love about them best
Hatfull of Hollow
The Queen Is Dead
Meat Is Murder
The Smiths


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Feb 5, 2003
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I pretty much can't do these kind of lists,although with Husker Du,the only stuff I can listen to is the early hardcore stuff.


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Apr 18, 2006
Post of the week winner: 22nd March, 2013

Piper at the Gates of Dawn
The Wall
Atom Heart Mother
Obscured by Clouds
Saucerful of Secrets
Final Cut
Division Bell
Momentary Lapse of Shite


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Jul 15, 2007
Come on Pilgrim 8
Surfer Rosa 9
Doolittle 10
Bossanova 9
Trompe le Monde 8.5

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Fever to tell 9
Show your bones 8
It's Blitz 8
Mosquito 6.5 (needs a few more listens)

Suede 7
Dogmanstar 9
Coming up 8
Head music 6.5
A new morning 5.5
Bloodsports....(need to listen to this a few more times)

Elastica 10
The Menace 7.5
The radio one sessions 8

Steely Dan
Can't buy a thrill 8
Countdown to ecstasy 7
Pretzel Logic 7.5
Kathy Lied 5.5
Aja 10
The royal scam 9
Gaucho 8.5
Two against nature 9
Everything must go 4



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Sep 8, 2003
A white house with a folly
Van der Graaf Generator

The Aerosol Grey Machine (1969) - 4.5/10
The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other (1970) - 4.5/10
H to He, Who Am The Only One (1970) - 6.5/10
Pawn Hearts (1971) - 9/10
Godbluff (1975) - 9/10
Still Life (1976) - 9/10
World Record (1976) - 5/10
The Quiet Zone/The Pleasure Dome (1977) - 9/10
Vital (1978) - 4.5/10
Present (2005) - 7/10
Trisector (2008) - 6/10
A Grounding In Numbers (2011) - 8/10
ALT (2012) - 4/10


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Aug 22, 2001
Frozen in time since 12:34am on January 1 1982
Guided By Voices 1987 - 2004
Devil Between My Toes - 6
Sandbox - 6
Self-Inflicted Aerial Nostalgia - 7
Same Place The Fly Got Smashed - 7
Propeller - 8
Vampire On Titus - 9
Bee Thousand - 10
Alien Lanes - 9
Under The Bushes Under The Stars - 8
Tonics And Twisted Chasers - 8
Mag Earwhig! - 6
Do The Collapse - 6
Isolation Drills - 7
Universal Truths And Cycles - 7
Earthquake Glue - 8
Half Smiles Of The Decomposed - 8

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