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Jan 12, 2011
. I've been working on some material for a good while now, and was hoping to do a run of 50 cassettes. I looked through some other threads, and was able to find resources in terms of the production and manufacturing of the release. I just had a few questions in relation to promoting the cassette. I'm obviously not in it for money, but i would like to get people to hear it. I looked through some older threads and acquired some advice, but I just have a few questions of my own. I appreciate any advice that is passed on. I want to make sure the samples are good quality, and also that the ordering system is handy. In relation to promoting:

Is it worth sending your releases to be reviewed? I was thinking of sending my releases to websites/blogs
(altered zones, silent ballet, dusted, foxy d etc...) If anyone had any other sites to recommend, that would be great

Would it be worthwhile sending it to peoples blogs? I've been following some interesting blogs for a while, and was considering sending it to them to promote it. I don't know if this is a waste of time or not???

Is it a good idea to get setup with a distribution company?? I've heard mixed things about the use of distribution. Is it worth the money? Would a distribution company be able to get my releases up onto online retail stores??

Labels: I was thinking of sending some to these, too. Good quality links if they prefer to download, or a nice package if they prefer something physical. Is it worth sending stuff out? Should I send Soundcloud links unless otherwise stated? i.e. we prefer a physical copy

I'm planning on setting up a bandcamp, page, and a website so people can order from the site directly.

I'd appreciate any advice people have for me, or any other suggestions which I may have missed.

I must emphasize that i'm not looking for economic success/financial rewards, but just my work to be heard.


Jul 11, 2008

The most used site around at the moment for showcasing new music is Soundcloud and it could save you a lot of money in "wasted" tapes and get your name out there at the same time

Basically you should upload your album/e.p. or whatever but do not make it available for download. Then you can both send the links to record labels, blogs etc. as well as allow bloggers, forum members etc. to embed your music in their sites. Hope this helps.


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Aug 10, 2011
I agree with Splainc. A friend of mine uses Soundcloud along with a couple of other free music upload websites. You'd be surprised how many people browse through and can find you.

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