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Mar 15, 2009
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I like searching for bands post band lives and seeing what they are up to.

Like David Line from Seafood (1998-2006)


Seafood: Tiny Sparks Video

He works in a vineyard now, and looks all the better for it.

Team Greyfriars, Surrey, England

Can't find much else about any of the rest of them. The lovely drummer released an album in 2008 as Caz Mechanic, and seems to have played on this in 2013 Black Hearted Brother - the stars are our home

And Dominic Chad from Mansun has a pretty good post band wiki


Mansun on TOTP Video

He has a big happy head at a sports therapy place now

Meet the team | Basingstoke |

I only have two.
I have absolutely looked up ex-band members on linkedin before.

here's an NME article from 2015 on some of the indie landfill GREATS

I believe Davey MacManus from The Crocketts did all sorts of mad stuff all over the world (founded an orphanage in South Africa?), and now works in Cork hospital?? I creeped on his FB page to check. Anyone mates with him?

Some day i'm gonna be dying in hospital and be like "I used to read about your band in Melody Maker when I was 15," and he'll probably tell me to fuck off.
I wanted to go for a meal in the Hope of the States restaurant but the menu was a bit meaty the time I looked at it.

Eamon from British Sea Power and Brakes (who always seemed like the wildest member) moved to America and became a real estate agent.
Wow. Kinda makes me glad I never saw any kind of commercial success - I'd be working in tech anyway, with the most fun part of my life very obviously behind me

I'd quite like to go work on a vineyard, but never had the band success to make it.
I bet you can go work in the vineyard, if you like. Loads of places that grow organic use wwoofers - basically you go and do agricultural work in return for bed and board. I guess you'll have to wait until the kids are older, or you never know maybe some places let you bring kids ... see WWOOF Ireland This is one of Mrs. egg_'s proposals for our retirement
Recently heard an interview with Marillion's old manager. Lots of good old pop stories. Finally got to the "what are you doing now?" part. Managing Billy Ocean and loving it.
a couple of times I've met people in passing formerly of bands that were fairly well known for a few LP's.
also a woman I know son's flop band were from Oxford and toured with one the 90's bands from there
(Radiohead or Ride were his pals).
there must be a lot people out there who were potential next big things for 15 minutes.

Tesco Vee of the Meatmen now focuses on his toy museum
in anything he's written over the years especially the book collection of his T&G zines, he always came across as nerd with an obnoxious sense of humour.
Tesco was to begin with a primary school teacher by trade. without that job the world wouldn't have ever heard THE FIX, NEGATIVE APPROACH, NECROS etc.
also I get the impression he was into komische and kraut rock stuff pre punk ??
he seems like one of those people into 'curating' things long before their cultural value is accepted.
not surprised he's into toys, toys are a little kids version of records.
Was finding out if Benny was still doing guitar repairs and set ups on Abbey Street. He's not, he's got some fancy job now.

Good on him. He was the best for guitar stuff.

On a slightly similar tangent, I suppose. Did anyone here follow guitar review guy Just Nick on YouTube? He has deleted his channel. Which is a big shame. Great low key reviews.


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