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Hill 16 pub in Dublin
Ha. I got the exact same response from Adrian Boot when I messaged him

Photography: Adrian Boot, the article reads, in capital font – we type it into google and find a link to his Facebook page – not a business page. His personal profile. I hover over the Add Friend button for a moment. Fuck it, I think. I’ve come this far. To my surprise, the man who stood in this very pub and snapped this very picture adds me back almost immediately.

Instantly, I set about posting to his profile. I craft a graceful and complimentary paragraph to accompany the photo and ultimately ask him if he remembers the location. Moments that feel like eternities pass and a notification pops up. He has replied. I wait for it to load.

“haven’t got a clue”
Fuck ye in anyways, Adrian!
I remember as a kid going to matches in the late 80s/early 90s the hill 16 looked about the dodgiest place on earth. at that point the building either side were knocked down, and it stood alone and slightly leaning, with hordes of dubs flowing out of it.

I was an innocent country boy after all.
Rip Ronnie Hawkins
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I knew him first for his painted d comic covers for Warren magazines Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. He was so prolific.
Julio Jimenez (1934 - 8 June 2022)
Spanish cyclist from Avila died yesterday in a tragic car accident aged 87.
Jimenez was best the climber in cycling for several years in the mid to late 60's. Julio won three consecutive mountains jerseys at the Tour (1965-67) and five stages. His best Tour finish was in 2nd 1967.
He also won three Vuelta stages plus three mountains jerseys and four stages at the Giro in only two starts.

Jimenez was considered the successor of Spain's first Tour winner, climbing great Federico Bahamontes (now nearly 94) who he was close friends with and they often made public appearances together.
Obituary to Julio Jimenez by Alasdair Fotheringham just published in last couple of hours.
Lots of insight from journalist who met Julio at home.
Coincidentally Pedro Delgado's son has just finished making a film drama about Jimenez winning the Spanish mountain climb championship in 1962. Julio himself had a small role as a baker selling bread to the actor playing him.

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