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nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Pierre Kezdy had a stroke about a decade ago sadly.

watched Brian from AC/DC interviewing Dave Grohl on Sky Arts recently.
Grohl said he was staying with some friends of his mother in Chicago when
one of them took him to see NAKED RAYGUN which was his first punk show.
Brian thought N.R. was a band great name.
they even showed a clip of RAYGUN playing Vanilla Blue.

there was also some footage of Grohl playing with SCREAM and Franz Stahl
was wearing a T shirt of IMPACT (Italy).

back to football:
Angelo Martins (1930 - 11 October 2020)
Portuguese football international who spent his entire career with Benfica.
where he won two European Cups (1961 and 1962) playing at left back.

Ângelo Martins - Wikipedia


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Apr 18, 2006
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Jose Padilla died on sunday. He was one of my favourite dance DJs. I went through a phase of listening to that kind of stuff about 10 years ago and he was very prominent.

Most people will have heard of Cafe del Mar, made famous by the Energy 52 tune. There was a whole Balearic music scene that cafe was the epicentre of. And Padilla was one of it's pioneers.

He released a series of compilations CDs, simply called 'Cafe del Mar'. I have about 10 of them and had them on non-stop during that time. Very mellow stuff, even borderline modern classical at points.

I found a load of his mixes on a site called also. Great stuff. Just checked that site and it seems to be a dance music magazine now. I'll have to have a scan to see if its by the same people, and if those mixes are still available.

Anyway, yeah, so he died sunday. RIP.

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