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nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
i tor
Good oul Franco

Magnini was right, it was outside the area, haha
wouldn't be surprised if Franco had something to do with it.

i totally forgot Fiorentina got to a European Cup Final.
you'd expect Real to smosh the opposition on the way to the final
but a lot of the European Cup ties were very close back then (apart from Man Utd 10-0 Anderlecht)
e.g. Dortmund were taken to a replay by Spora Luxembourg.

Fiorentina's Italian-Argentine striker Miguel Montuori was the first black player to play for Italy,

their star was Brazilian outside right Julinhno who was replaced in the Brazilian
side by Garrincha when he went to Italy.
i think he left Fiorentina after this match due to homesickness. after his last match
in Florence he was carried off the pitch in tears which is an immortal Fiorentina image.

Fiorentina replaced Julinho with Kurt Harmin who went on to score 190 goals in Serie A (!!!)
inc. 150 for the Viola.
Hamrin still lives in Florence and in the 1958 World Cup Final he lined up for Sweden
against Garrincha.
Garrincha and Hamrin are probably the greatest outside rights (along with Matthews)
although Julinho is a wing legend in his own right.

also Fiorentina were very unlucky: after 1956 they were runners up in Serie A
the next four seasons.


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Aug 20, 2002
91 was a good old age. I'm glad I got to see him once in Kilmainham. An indoor gig out of the rain away from the portaloos would have been preferable but still.

Here's to you Ennio.
Saw him at Kilmainham too, was pretty great but yeah fuck outdoor shit. Saw him in 3Arena few years back and was much better just because the indoor sound was better.

nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
watched the Jack tribute on 6 pm news,
started off buzzing from the memories but feel a bit like crying now.

hard to believe he achieved so much in football.
i remember after the Egypt match where Jack was asked about which of
their players had impressed him. Jack didn't know any of the Egyptian
players names and described their best players based on what they
looked liked in unintentionally un-PC terms.
i.e. it's seemed he had done no preparation on Egypt's players.

he was one hell of a motivator and got some brilliant players to carry out
a brand of football they weren't used to playing superbly.
this was how Jack thought football should be played and nothing to do with
the players he had.
it wasn't using a world class set of players to the best advantage.

Leeds rise from nobodies to being one of Europe's best teams for a decade
was equally spectacular (1964 onwards)
Jack's only rival for English goal scoring centre half i can think of is Steve Bruce.

poor Jack's last match was the 1973 FA Cup Semi against Wolves. he went
off with a pulled hamstring and Leeds lost both the Cup Final and ECWC
Final's without him.

whenever the 1966 W.C. Final is shown i feel for Jack when his mistake lets
West Germany equalize in the final seconds which sent the match to extra time.

the only place he isn't well remembered is his local club Newcastle where
the fans fell out with Jack when they couldn't hack his style of football.

at the only time Jack was really at a low ebb Ireland came calling.
prior to that he'd gotten promotions at 'Boro (73-74) in his first season as
manager and another promotion at Wednesday from Division 3 (79-80)
which set them on the road back top flight.

Brazil, England, Spain, Soviet Union, Italy, Holland, Germany... Jack's boys beat 'em all.

Jack was a lovable chancer who showed stereotypical Irish types can come
from anywhere.
in a nutshell: He got the job done.

nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Wim Suurbier (1945 - 12 July 2020)

Ajax (1964-77) and Holland (1966-78) right back who won three European Cups (1971-73)
7 Dutch Championships and 4 Dutch Cups.
Suurbier won 60 caps and played in the World Cup Final in 1974 and 1978 (as a sub).
Wim died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage.

Remembering Ajaxโ€™s European Cup hero Wim Suurbier | Inside UEFA

Ajax tribute video :

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