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Nov 1, 2002
I don't recall her name but the director from the last couple of pages who passed away in the last few days, I'm too lazy to even go back and get the name, was his partner.

I don't listen to WTF but apparently on the latest episode he spoke about it and it was supposed to be a very tough listen.

Director Lynn Shelton (54) of a blood disorder
I've seen 4 movies of her's and really loved them


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Nov 7, 2000
yea, if you've listened to WTF at all you've lived through his love life ups and downs. The latest episode is a repost of an interview with Lynn, that was their first meeting. I haven't listened in a long time. He was still with the painter last time I listened. The pair of them were guests on The Best Show a few weeks ago and he seemed very happy to be with her.

nuke terrorist

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Dec 21, 2004
'north munster'
Luigi Simoni (1939 - 22 May 2020)
Italian footballer and manager who had a stroke last year.

Gigi played for Napoli, Mantova, Torino, Juventus, Brescia and Genoa winning
a cup with Napoli in 1962

but it is as a manager he'll be remembered. after retiring in 1974 he stayed
on as Genoa manager for four years and in 76 he won the first of seven promotions
to Serie A in a 40 year coaching career.
Simoni managed 17 clubs inc. Torino, Lazio and Napoli (twice).

in 1997 Simoni became boss of Inter and in 1998 managed them to UEFA Cup
victory and runners up in Serie A to Juventus, before being sacked 6 months later.

Luigi Simoni - Wikipedia (Italian wiki)

UEFA Cup winning coach Luigi Simoni mourned in Italy | Inside UEFA (UEFA website tribute)
( Gazzetta dello Sport translated into English)

Gerhard Strack (1955 - 21 May 2020)
German football defender.
died of heart attack.

Gerd Strack debuted for FC Koln in 1974 where he spent eleven years in a
successful team winning a double in 1978 and cups in 1977 and 1983.

Gerd won 10 caps (1 goal) in 1982-83 as West Germany struggled to qualify for Euro
1984 after losing twice to Northern Ireland.
Strack scored the winning goal against Albania to deny Norn Iron.
he was in the squad which bombed in France '84 but didn't play.

Gerd Strack – Wikipedia (German wiki lots of detail)

Google Translate (Die Welt, English translation with photos and youtube links)

at Cologne, Strack played with players like Overath, Hannes Lohr, Dieter Muller,
Bernd Schuster, Harald Schumacher, Littbarski, Cullman, Klaus Fischer, Bonhof,
Klaus Alloffs, Woodcock etc. under coaches like Hennes Weisweiler and Rinus Michels.

despite having played 20 seasons in Europe by the early 90's, Koln never managed
to win a European trophy. (inc. losing to Forest in 1979 Euro Cup semi).
in the 1990's FC Koln began to fade into mediocrity.

BARCELONA 0-4 FC KOLN, UEFA Cup 1980-81.
Strack gets first goal in second leg of 5-0 agg. win.
Bernd Schuster who had joined Barcelona in summer 1980 didn't play.

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