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Mar 1, 2001
If you're not sure who to vote for, consider voting 1 for Tom Kelleher (Labour). He is a man of great integrity, with a sense of social responsibility and a wealth of experience both as a county councillor in Fingal County Council and as an educator. He is passionate about equality, the power of education, the importance of the arts and creating transparency in government. Here's some reasons he's listed on his website on why to vote Labour..

"Today we will go to the polls for what will be the most significant election in the history of the Irish State. It is my hope that, when marking your ballot, you will vote to elect a Labour Party candidate.

The Labour Party in government introduced free third-level education and decriminalised homosexuality. We set up TG4 and re-established The Irish Film Board. We passed legislation ensuring that the State owned 50% of every oil and gas field. When last in government, we created 1000 jobs a week

If you want to rebuild our country; if you are passionate about equality and civil rights;
if you know that job creation matters in industry and the arts alike; if you want transparency, efficiency and fairness, VOTE LABOUR NO. 1 TODAY."

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