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‘Outcasts by Choice’ is a documentary about Belfast punk legends The Outcasts, who formed in 1977 and who were managed by Terri Hooley and part of his Good Vibrations label. The film follows the band from the early days in Belfast, to their dissolution in 1984. Then they re-formed in 2011 for a 50th Birthday Party - and they have been touring all over Europe ever since.

The documentary has been screened across Europe and in the US, and has been described as "magnificent" (BBC), "compelling" (Irish Film Institute), “a fascinating story, brilliantly told” (Hot Press) and “a scintillating period of Irish music history” (Film Ireland).

This is the second feature documentary to be directed by the father-daughter team, Paul and Kate McCarroll - their first film, The Last of the Name, is about a Donegal story-teller who died 60 years ago.

War-torn Belfast 1977.
Three brothers and a friend form a band and lead the Punk Explosion - rejecting the status quo and the sectarian violence...
And yet their entourage becomes known as the Locusts – because “anything they can’t eat, they destroy”

As Punk reaches its 40th Anniversary, some members of THE OUTCASTS are now approaching 60. And they’re back on the road, performing all over Europe – even on a boat in Berlin. Have these guys no lawns to mow? No golf clubs to join? And can they actually play their instruments this time around? Who are THE OUTCASTS now? Are they still punks? And what is punk anyhow? This film starts in tumult, and ends up somewhere else entirely...

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