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Hey guys,

We have some songs on our breaking tunes profile now:


We sound a lot different this time round, a lot more mature. We've ditched the pop punk for a more Arctic Monkeys sound. Have a listen & let us know what you think.

If you want to contact the band...

[email protected]
[email protected]

Were looking forward to hearing for you


ps. does anyone have that photoshop pic ye did of us years ago, with John john McCririck & a horses head in it? Would love to get it enlarged & give to a mate for his birthday.

ann post

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a lot more mature. We've ditched the pop punk for a more Arctic Monkeys sound. Have a listen & let us know what you think.

Were looking forward to hearing for you
what's mature about putting on a fake english accent to sing??

i'll hear for myself i think.
Not a fake account Punk Rock. Sorry if you thought it was.

Its not a fake english accent. My grandmother is from Leeds.

Sorry that you think we're shit but Im a lot worse at fishing so Il stick to the band thanks.

ann post

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is your grandfather billy jo from greenday? that would explain a lot.

your wiki is pretty mental though:

ONOFF are a four piece punk rock band from Dublin, Ireland.
ONOFF broke onto the Irish scene with the release of their 'Hey Jack! You??re Late!' album, which reached number 7 in Irish Tower Chart. By then, ONOFF had already played sold out shows around Ireland prior to release which included shows in the Ambassador Theatre.
ONOFF's now infamous live performances; which included getting fans on stage, fire-breathing finales, and even arriving on stage in coffins, landed them support slots with their own idols such as Falloutboy, Bad Religion, Funeral For a Friend and Therapy, as well as a tour with ska-punk legends Reel Big Fish.
2007 saw the band write and record their new album, play 2 sold out Irish tours and a European tour with top Dutch punk band De Heideroosjes. This year will see the Irish release of the first single from this new album. The band have already been booked for a month-long European tour this March which will include some shows with Boston trad-punk band Dropkick Murphies.
October 2008 saw ONOFF release 70,000 copies of their debut European album 'Don't Take Our Word For It' which put them on the cover of 2 major German music magazines, Stardust magazine and OX Fanzine. The release was supported by 8 Headline tour's of Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and France and a summer 2009 European Festival Tour . The album was received unanimously well across the European media with raving reviews right across the board.
In September 2009 ONOFF was voted Best Unsigned Band in leading Irish Music Magazine HOTPRESS. The competition was a public vote. ONOFF won a Headline slot on the LIVE STAGE at the 2009 HOTPRESS MUSIC SHOW at the R.D.S Dublin.
2009/2010 sees the band in the studio working hard on perfectin there new record.
Onoff is a Swedish retail chain that sells home electronics and appliances. Operations started in 1971 by Hans Westin, who imported Japanese stereo products. 1973 started the company full time. First real store opened in 1976 and was in Åkersberga. The company was originally named Tele Call. His Westin's company, then called Phone Call bought Sigges radio in 1982 and the name was changed to onoff. 1985 was the head office in Upplands Väsby and 1989 were acquired Resource chain with nine stores in several cities in Sweden.
In 2001 it established operations and stores Finland and Estonia. In Sweden (2007), there are 68 stores.
A large part of the onoff revenue comes from their finance company Resource as he runs along with SIBA, where profits are greater today than from the companies' sales of goods. Resource activities include consumer credit and insurance. There has been some criticism against the policies of electronics companies sell is unnecessary for consumers.

ann post

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i still think the accent is fake and not very mature. a mature sound would potentially be something along the lines of not copying a band wholesale and singing in your own accent.


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Used to watch you guys playing those blast/beat gigs years ago...

Have to say, A LOT better now. Definitely.
Fair fucks to ye for sticking it out anyway. That's worthy of a lot of appreciation. Hope things work out for ye.


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yep i remember yiz form them blasst shows. paul woods was a very nice bloke. i remember u tho paulie, GOD i hope u have changed never mind the band.

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