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May 16, 2012
So it's been forever since I got tickets to a seated gig here

The Ticketmaster system is not showing a seat number - safe to assume that this indicates they are obstructed views?

Or do they just never show seat numbers?

Because it's Ticketmaster, I am assuming the sneaky thing is true

Been a while since I've bought a ticket for the Olympia but I *think* they're obliged to say 'obstructed view' on relevant seats
I have a feeling that once you hit the Purchase button, it's gonna say it there

That said, the Obstructed View in the Gaiety the other night was ok
I could see Victoria Clark very well

I was optimistic when I started reading this thread that the whole seat selection option was just a meaningless charade, and that actually the forthcoming YLT show was all standing.

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