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May 16, 2006
Hope I've posted this in the right forum...

First release out. 33 pro-duplicated c40's. Whilst not as harsh as the stuff I'd be doing now (this was written two years ago). I'm still really proud of this record. <MORE DETAILS THAN YOU WILL EVER NEED BELOW>

"In the Privacy of Your Own Home is the first release of both Bored Bear Recordings and Mark W's Where is This project. Spanning musicial divides, the record shifts through various experimental styles whilst (mostly) being underpinned by melody, or "music", as we like to call it, (well) hidden underneath the noise/feedback/fuzz/synths.

Fucked drum samples, psychotic cut-up piano, microphone feedback noise and a lo-fi style mixed with high production values permeate this release. Notable tracks include Reprise at the Betty Ford, the catchiest song on the record - which is no mean feat considering it's full of bass rumbles and loops, Flight to Retie C Open Not which is reminiscent of Chris Carter's solo album 'The Space Between', the improv rock of Ecstasy (Kink) and the high pitched, industrial noise squall of In the Privacy of Your Own Home."

In the Privacy of Your Own Home

Side A:

Moke at 75 (1:36)
In the Privacy of Your Own Home (3:03)
A Waste of Your Time and Mine (2:50)
Relapse at the Betty Ford (3:50)
You Call That Romantic? (2:43)
Flight to Retie C Open Not (2:55)
Blood Drinking Hipster (2:10)

Side B:

A Moke Score (6:26)
Your Labcoat Appears to be Covered in Bright Orange Stickers (2:48)
Some Clichéd Relationships to Darkness as a Concept (3:11)
Ecstasy (Kink) (4:51)
Reprise at the Betty Ford (2:38)

Click the links in the tracklist above for full-length audio samples. I have also uploaded three tracks for your downloadable mp3 pleasure here and there is a music video for Reprise at the Betty Ford
This record was released on 2nd November 2009 and costs 6EUR plus 2EUR P&P WORLDWIDE. All (pro-duplicated) cassettes will come with a home-burned cdr packaged in a paper sleeve. Please email anotherthreewordbandname AT with any questions/orders. Enquiries from noise/experimental distros particularly welcome and I'm up for trades (if I like the sound/look of your stuff).



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May 16, 2006
Gotta do the self-promotion. And thanks for the compliment :D

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