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Dec 6, 2005
Notes from producers meeting:

Congratulations to the special effects department on the new Nigella Bot.

Well done the publicity team for keeping her death a secret all these years.

We have watched episode 1 and would like to suggest the following:

  • Please increase Nigella Bots breasts by two cup sizes instead of one this season
  • We need 40% more alliteration
  • The oddly chosen adjective sub routine is running well - well done programmers
  • The ploy of pretending that the set in an industrial park is actually Nigella Bots home is wearing thin - writers what do you suggest?
  • Editing department - you can linger a little longer on the daughter this year, she's not 12 anymore.
  • How many favourite recipes did her mother actually have? - continuity department check this - I've count 182 so far.
The thing is completely unwatchable. It's like a parody at this stage, you can't help feeling the show is some elaborate piss-take. They have taken the couple of things that made early seasons enjoyable; her delivery and unashamed gluttony and the supposed candid views of her everyday life, and they have either been exaggerated to comedy proportions or as is the case with the pretence that this is her everyday life, slavishly persisted with even though the cat is long since out of the bag.

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