Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea (1998) (3 Viewers)

chris d

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Mar 15, 2009
Dublin 1
Don't put up Midlake next Pete fer christs sakes.

I'm not gone on this album at all. I gave it a 3, but a 2.5 wouldn't have gone amiss. Filed away under 'turn of the century music I'm not bothered with'.

See also: The Shins, Midlake, Bloc Party.


Now Is Go
Sep 9, 2006
As soon as I read that Robert Schneider produced it I knew..this is my kinda shit


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Oct 6, 2005
housemate around 2004 came home with this one day and I never showed much enthusiasm I suppose because I can't remember it getting a play on the living room stereo. first I'd heard of it, have heard plenty about it/them since and was familiar with the opening track. that's the extent of my background with this album.

I'm sure everyone here has plenty of experience of buying many albums over the years where the thing blows your fucking mind pretty much instantaneously and you keep going back for a hit. over the next few weeks you play it a lot. Even purposely making yourself take a break from it so as to keep it fresh but inevitably over time it will begin to recede and a month or two later, rather than think 'fuck thats an amazing album', you're closer to, 'it's a good album, yeah'.

That scenario usually plays out over a month or two. However, this is what I got from this album in the space of about 3 days. First day maybe 3 full listens, few stand alone tunes here and there on top of that got a few repeats, slightly less day 2, by Monday half a listen, Tuesday finish off that listen. another full listen tonight to double check.

My listening habits these days are not drawn to this type of album. Obviously from what I said already, I really liked what I heard initially. yer man's voice didn't grate me as I thought it would from what very little I had heard before. I let the lyrics pass by rather than take much notice. I'm a sucker for nice melodies and this dude has a few belters on this album and the whole haphazard package of the album works. I just got bored of it really, really quick and I can't foresee myself revisiting this with the possibility of it changing my opinion for a good while. 3/5
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