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another vote for the aeropress here. i really don't like the taste of the standard nespresso pods now, they taste as if they've milk added (i usually have black coffee).
Okay, so I got an aeropress today. I just made the first cup.It was quiet good. Better than my cheapo coffee machine (literally the cheapest Argos had at the time) the coffee always tasted very bitter from it.

I'll watch a few more videos on YouTube for tips. Some of them are like coffee ninjas.
Who knows their coffee beans?
I drink it black, no milk no sugar looking for something rich but with a sweet after taste, toffee, caramel ect...
Who knows their coffee beans?
I drink it black, no milk no sugar looking for something rich but with a sweet after taste, toffee, caramel ect...
I would recommend central / South American coffee. I like Brazilian coffee personally. I find it , generally, less acidic than some of the African / Asian coffees . It's a personal taste thing though. Those tasting notes you cited would be found in the American coffee's , particularly those grown at a higher altitude. Ethiopian coffee is generally considered a beautiful coffee but with tasting notes of grapefruit and cinnamon and it's fairly acidic qualities give my stomach a bit of gip.
I'll stress again the benefits of grinding fresh for each use and your delivery method will have a fair sway on your enjoyment also.
For espresso coffee - it has a quality window that is from about day 4 (after roasting) to day 10 or 12. Too fresh and it is still degassing ( expelling co2) - too stale and , well, it's too stale. Espresso is usually a blend of different beans and usually roasted a little darker than for filter / pour over / plunger type coffee, which is usually better as a single origin coffee of which you can taste the flavor of the bean itself as opposed to tasting the effects of the roasting process . ( think a nice slice of delicious bread that is lightly toasted and maintains it flavours after toasting as opposed to a slice toasted for long enough that you only taste the burned toast/carbonization)
Hope that helps.
McDonalds do a great Americano and if you save up 6 stickers you get the next one free,

Only thing I buy in McDonalds mind you.
Mcdonalds- grand from what I remember
Costa - underwhelmed.
Insomnia - I don't like their coffee. It tastes like the beans are slightly burnt.
Starbucks - never been in a Starbucks.

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