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Jul 15, 2007
They have one in lidl for €70 & I'm curious. I've never tasted coffee from one. I'm mainly a black coffee (Americano) drinker, the odd cappachino. Are they worth it?
Horrible in what way dud?

The pods, its coffee concentrate is that right?
I suppose they are allot about convenience put in your pod and press the button and hey presto type thing. I wouldn't be too mad about the coffee though not that is very bad but it's not the best either.
I like the coffee.
Good consistent espresso with a nice crema
Better than I could ever manage with my little espresso machine.
And convenient as fuck.

Expensive though.

You can get off brand capsules everywhere now - but they are a little hit and miss - sometimes gritty and sometime they don't work at all.

Doesn't do much for the environment either - but you can recycle the nespresso capsules to salve you guilty conscience.

Worst part of the experience is having to go into Brown Thomas without a flamethrower.
Your ethical , environmentally-conscious, weird, nasty-tasting alternative.

I've worked my way through all of these gadgets at this stage and as always I am back with the cafitiere.
nespresso is good for crema and the occasional double espresso or half decent flat white if you preheat whole milk in the microwave.

the aeropress makes great tasting coffee but is too cold for my liking by the time you're finished fluting around.

I splashed €300 on a home gaggia machine back in the day but the element burnt out after a year or so.
The tassimo in work is decent but the pods are stupidly expensive.

I also need quantity with quality so I will stick with the LIDL french blend and the ALDI Italian blend from the pot from here on in

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