Naive Ted (Unscene Music) + Pentecostal Party (Dawn Bothwell, Hen Ogledd) (1 Viewer)

Naive Ted (Unscene Music) + Pentecostal Party (Dawn Bothwell, Hen Ogledd)
Posted by Vinnie
The Sound House
Friday, June 14, 2019 - 08:00 PM
Until: Friday, June 14, 2019 - 10:45 PM
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Enthusiastic Eunuch presents

Naive Ted
Pentecostal Party (aka Dawn Bothwell/Hen Ogledd)
+ more TBA
The Sound House
Friday 14th June
Doors 8pm
Tickets €12 Naive Ted/Pentecostal Party

Dawn Bothwell (Hen Ogledd) 's solo project Pentecostal Party is born of her interest “in the type of euphoric high you experience in groups of people worshiping together: moments that are both solitary and collective.”

Her songs lay down a creeping pulse, with a prominent hi-hat and light analogue synth on the surface; whilst the ear is more and more drawn to what lurks in the depths, the yearning and relentless army of voices plotting beneath.

Pentecostal Party unlocks depths through deceptively simple, small synth lines and repeated phrases and map the contours of her songs. As a listener you are compelled to imagine the terrain. The music’s majesty reveals itself like a magic-eye picture, or faces forming in tree bark.

Naive Ted. Still at it.

From his debut EP of broken-hearted skratch music 'Fragments & Stammerings' in 2007 to more recent wonked out techno offerings, Ted has always strived to be genuine. Honesty comes easier when wearing a mask.

And with that honesty has come a new period in Ted's output. Music that emphasises movement and physical response above all else. Like everything Ted-related, all is still rooted in experimentation, manipulations and juxtapositions, built on a foundation of deck wrecking skills honed over 20 years in testosterone-fuelled DJ battles, smoked out suburban skratch sessions and backrooms of nightclubs. But these days he's mostly determined to have a dance with you.

Really, you sort of have to be there, thus this blurb is rendered futile, doomed to fail, an impotent description of the somewhat indescribable.
Luckily for us, some actual journalists wrote some words that may give some sort of endorsement of quality to this whole endeavour...

"a chaotic but constantly exhilarating listen... have a dig through his formidable back catalog. We promise you, it’s all pure cracked and pure class." (The Thin Air, Sept. 18)

"The highlight of this year’s Open Ear festival was Naive Ted’s wrestling/turntablism/live hybrid assault on the senses late on the Saturday night. Some folk didn’t have a clue what was going on while others were accidentally clocking each other in the back of the head with flailing limbs – it’s just the way it goes sometimes. 'Death of Me' was the finale; a warped, tricky and wholly unique blend of techno, hip-hop and 70’s prog rock." (, Dec. 17)

"From co-founding Galway’s Community Skratch games, being a member of the Vince Mack Mahon scratch super-group to making some seriously innovative music... a cornerstone of Irish hip-hop and electronica for over a decade." (Rabble, Jan. 18)

"....positively bananas, as old-school skratchology meets a truly eclectic range of samples before being thrown, full-force, at Steve Reich-esque experimentation and being thoroughly deconstructed accordingly." (Village, Sept. 17)

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