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These movies are always a failure and an embarrassment - especially with regard to this as it's been factually documented so extensively. Royalty dividends on accompanying soundtrack might be useful to pay for hip replacements for some of the lesser known characters( if they get a look-in ) ... other than that, there's little point to this. The Germs and Runaways movies were painful enough.


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yep, tonight

21:00Punk Britannia
Series 1. Episode 2/3: Punk 1976-1978The documentary reaches the pinnacle of the punk era, 1976 to 1978, exploring how bands including the Sex Pistols and Buzzcocks helped spread the genre's popularity around the UK. The Roxy nightclub in London's Covent Garden proved a hotspot for bands including the Jam to gain support, but the Sex Pistols' split in 1978 proved a blow to the future of punk. With contributions by John Lydon, Mick Jones, Paul Weller and Siouxsie Sioux. Narrated by Peter CapaldiGeneral Music/Ballet/Dance/Documentary

22:00Punk Britannia at the BBC
A celebration of punk music from between 1975 and 1981, featuring archive performances by British bands including Dr Feelgood, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Gang of Four, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Damned and BuzzcocksGeneral Music/Ballet/Dance

23:30Arena: Who Is Poly Styrene?
Documentary in which X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene, who died in April 2011, talks about memories of dressing up as a child, the importance of individuality, and her need to occasionally get away from performing. The musician, whose birth name was Marianne Joan Elliott-Said, also visits the EMI record factory and performs Oh Bondage, in a film first shown in 1978Documentary

ann post

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saw the 'prince/paisley park' thing yesterday, serious bang of hagiography off it but fun to watch.


This is the best I have watched in a long time. . . and its real, no rock star shit


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Folk Hibernia is pretty ace, few years old now but definitely worth a watch for anyone interested in Irish folk/trad etc.



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"On the surface, Good Vibrations might appear to be a rather traditional bio-pic, but its fascinating real life-story of Terri Hooley, the one-eyed Godfather of Punk in Northern Ireland, also offers a powerful snapshot of the terrible times of Belfast in the 1970s, and a vision of how music can make a difference."

"The accents mean subtitling will be likely even in most English-speaking territories ...."


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Go Bless Ozzy Osbourne is starting now. Decent doc not the usual rehashed shite(for the most part)

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