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nuke terrorist

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sky arts, this sat, 9pm
POLY STYRENE documentary coming on Sky Arts shortly @ 9 pm
from 50:35 there are some untitled live clips on this.
one them I'm not sure about and it's really bugging me.

50:35 -
BAD BRAINS - Big Takeover
JERRY KIDS - Is This My World (brilliant - I never saw footage of them until recently)

next was one I wasn't sure about - VERBAL ABUSE maybe ? help ?

S.S.D. - Boiling Point
VOID - My Rules
YDI - (don't know song title)

subbuteo !

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still have this on video somewhere from a mate recording it for me at the time as we didn't have the english channels.

subbuteo !

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the mad story of the singer of camera silens. 30 years on the run for bank robbery .Press the CC button for english subs
here is their classic album if you don't know the band

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