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Nazoranai share a stunning documentary on the extreme improvisations of the trio comprising sound/song heavyweights: Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O'Malley.

The documentary is part of an ongoing series called Big, Bent Ears - an experiment in multimedia storytelling and a meditation on documentary process and the nature and craft of listening, presented by Rock Fish Stew (a North Carolina based nonprofit documentary collective headed by Stephenson and Weiss) and The Paris Review.

As a serial of "documentary uncertainty", the explosive and thrilling improvisations of Nazoranai go hand in hand with the approach of filmmakers Stephenson and Weiss, who offer a surprisingly intimate and exceptionally rare window into the world of these three musicians, capturing the magic of Nazoranai perfectly. As The Paris Review's managing editor, Nicole Rudick so aptly writes..."Sam and Ivan are in dialogue with their subjects, their mediums, their ideas, and themselves.”
Big, Bent Ears

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Music Nation - Glasgow: The Outsiders - All 4 also another series there called street sound and style worth a look as well (unfortunately the punk/skinhead one isn't up for viewing at the moment)
I saw one of the Street Sound And Style documentaries that covered the 21st century.
in one scene which showed clips of videos made by some teenagers in Stockholm (with seemingly no punk connection) ...War System by the SHITLICKERS was playing in the backround.

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