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subbuteo !

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so im looking for recommendations for music documentaries or classic live sets.

punk related for sure but any kind of music at all.
for eg.

some good ones ive seen are
of course anvil,lemmy film, end of century the ramones story,that metalica one (like watching a car crash but good)
end of civilisation.

the dr feelgood one looks good and Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues (anyone seen this)
ya get the drift.

live stuff like that minor threat video.the band the last waltz,rory gallagher irish tour 1974
not just live sets but classic stuff.
damo said bad brains in cbgbs in an other thread....

also any kind of subculture docs like


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Since 1999
that iron maiden flight 666 one was pretty good

metal: a headbanger's journey is fantastic

lizzy live at at the rainbow


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I wasn't too into A Headbanger's Journey.
I enjoyed those Scorsese presents the Blues one. The dvd box set was cheap for a while.

There's a good one on the early Chicago punk scene called "You Weren't There"

A great one on the early NENWOBHM called "Metal City. Loads of Venom,Saracen,Avenger etc. The Maiden early years one is great,especially some of the extras.

Generally I'm become less interested in retrospective documentaries,I prefer anything from the time,as it happened. They tend to tell a more accurate story I think.
"Standing In The Shadows Of Motown" is a great one. About the Motown backing band, the Funk Brothers.

"Good Rockin' Tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records" is a good one too.

"Behind The Lighted Stage" is a good Rush doc if you're into them.

If ya want any of them on disc, let me know and I'll get them to ya. Have a Thin Lizzy 4 disc DVD set that I've yet to watch too, must send that to ya.


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NY77 - The Coolest Year in Hell
Melting pot of disco, punk and summer of sam.... excellent doc.

80 Blocks From Tiffany's
Not a music doc, it's a period piece 70's south bronx gang thing in the era that spawned hiphop - accompanies NY77 perfectly.


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It's always worth having a look at what's on BBC4 on friday nights.

Tonight is a Public Enemy documentary.

Ms. Bella

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I never got to see that BBC Thin LIzzy documentary, was it any good, I'd still like to if anyone knows a good link for it? Last one I watched was Boston Beatdown, it's horrendous.


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I saw that Lizzy one,but don't remember if it was too different to the other ones I've seen. They all seem to use a lot of the same interviews etc.

subbuteo !

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sounds lots of quality to get me throught the xmas there.
yeah steve anything at all ill take it.thanks!
The BBC Seven Ages of Rock documentaries are pretty cool. I also really like the Stephen Fry documentary on Wagner, if you can find it.
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